Skyrim: The Real Enemy Is Horses: children are the future

Title Skyrim: The Real Enemy Is Horses: children are the future
Author Marley
Posted in Game diaries
When December 6, 2011

After killing a horse, I pick flowers for a bit on my way back to not-vikings town and then decide to just fast travel..

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is there a plaque given out to the poster with the most uses of the word fuck in a game diary?

So I was curious whether my character would use one of his myriad kill animations on a small child, I really didn't think Bethesda would be so audacious as to have me behead a little girl. As it turns out little kids don't even take damage, you literally can't kil them ever. They are by far the most powerful nova in the game.

The Children are our future, and you can't kill the future. Bethesda and various ratings agencies say so.

I had to reload three times to make sure I wasn't hearing things when the whole world shook and (what I eventually made out as) DO-VAH-KIIN echoed from the hills as I walked back to town.

I thought that was a nice touch.

I'm on my third, thief/assassin character, and I want to do just enough of the main quest so dragons are around to be killed, but no more. Is killing the dragon at the watchtower enough? Or do I have to do the bit where you watch Alduin raise one?

I haven't gotten to a point where a dragon gets raised and I'm running around killing all kinds of dragons so yeah, all you need is the watchtower.

Who knew Marley was such a badass!

Finishing the main quest doesn't stop dragon attacks, if anything they become more frequent.