Slashdot: Day Pass shennanigans

I almost never pay any attention to Slashdot anymore because Digg generally has the same stuff earlier (with slightly lower average quality unfortunately), but I did head over there a few minutes ago and noticed that they’ve now jumped on the Salon “Day Pass” watch an ad for 15 seconds bandwagon.

Sorry Cmdr Taco but you lose.

I don’t give a flying pig’s dingle what you’ve got on your site. I am not watching an ad to get it “early.”

I dare anybody to defend this.

Chances are the story you’re trying to get to’s a dupe anyway, so it’s doubly pointless.

“The next Slashdot story is visible early to free day pass visitors; sponsored by Verizon Business.”

If you get pissed at “having” to sit through one 15-second ad to get to the one latest article, then I suspect any business model that does manage to please you will not be successful.

Slashdot is a place where "In Soviet Russia. . . " gets modded +5, Funny. Why would you want to go there?

Yep, I came late to that bandwagon, but found digg a short while later and haven’t wanted to go back to /. since. Digg has the same stuff, with a more pleasing, more simple look to my eye.

Slashdot occasionally saw really useful, well, written reflections on the story, but this was more than counterbalanced by the demented horror of the comments. The modding system was of no use whatsoever in sorting the two apart. It was all a pure distillation of the whole Aspergers-drenched mire that is Linux fandom.

Digg’s comments, on the other hand, are like an old friend: straight up snooty Mac cultism, sunny and bright and brainless as ever. REPORTED AS OLD BLOG SPAM GET A MAC NO DIGG!!!

I never actually found them as bad as they were made out; having read /. fairly exclusively for the better part of 2005 (didn’t know about digg etc, and I was a casual enough reader not to be overly fussed anyway), I did see a few mindless idiots but I think that there were far, far more insightful comments, or at least relatively so. Like I said though, I’m laid-back enough and probably more importantly ignorant enough to be pretty open minded about it all.

EDIT: Oh and:

Sorry Cmdr Taco but you lose.

Not directly his fault (unless it was meant in a different context)…


I know…but Cmdr Taco is the only guy I can ever remember.

Interestingly I’m not seeing that whole Day Pass thing today…wonder if it was a trial balloon.

Or a dreadfully awful mistake they decided very quickly to ditch.


— Alan

Wierd… the same topic on Wikipedia said it was introduced in May '05.

Cmdr Taco? Is that like the Taco Commander’s evil twin with a goatee?

The humans… are no longer so important. China really IS taking over the world!

“You’re a human? - Man, sucks to be you.”

“You’re a government? Rock on, man, rock on!”

“You’re something that can be placed onto humans to hopefully improve them? Absolutely, awesome, that’s just what we need!”

Salon went off the beam after their site redesign; it’s not worth reading any longer, in my opinion.

Salon stopped being worthwhile about the time W was elected. I still read it though - it’s a guilty pleasure.