No, this isn’t about gay fanfic. Inspired by ElRavager’s post about Braindead and this top eleven list from X-Entertainment, I wonder who your favourite slasher/splatter (separate genres, I know, but might as well include it) killers/screamers/victims/protagonists are? I have lots of fond memories of the genre which I will assuredly share as soon as I’ve eaten lunch and maybe seen another episode of B5 or so (bought the first season box the other day).

Ah, the so-called horror flicks of the eighties. A great vessel for mass murderers of every sort.
I think my favourites are Jason and Pinhead. Jason because I believe he was the most accessible, since the Friday movies more often than most showed up on some channels late at night when I was younger, so he’s always been there, with his slow walk that inexplicably takes him somewhere faster than is humanly possible. His first appearance was also the scariest part of Friday the 13th Part 1 for me.


We have eternity… to know your flesh.
Call me lame, but that’s a quote that’ll stay with me. So cool! :D

Some morbid trivia. I can drive a pin right into my nose so that it looks like pinhead’s nose here. Or could at least, haven’t tried it in a couple of years.

Can I try it with the rest of your head? Cuz… you know, I hear women like that kind of stuff.

Suspiria: a slasher flick before they required asinine rationalization and decorative plots. The “slasher” is you, the audience, using the director’s hand.