Slate: Japan is Wacky!

Funny series!


Whale burger!!!
Obligatory Hentai review!!!

Does not include:

Nancy Drew.
The Sims.

Tell me about Japan and Nancy Drew, Spoofychop.

Drancy New in “Tentacle Rapist Whales”

Drancy sat alone in her hotel room. This discovery may blow the lid off the marine biology establishment.

Whales, but highly intelligent whales. And not only that, but these whales also had tentacles…almost as if they had mated with their arch-nemeses the giant squid!

And not only that, but these whales were stalking the port towns and finding women who lingered too long at the wharves and marinas…and then raping them with the tentacles!

And not only that, but the whales would always leave the same calling card: a Hello Kitty doll with the word “pachinko” scrawled on its left leg.

What could it all mean?

All this thinking was making her hungry so Drancy ordered room service. Whale burger with calamari.

The best part of the manga boom in Sweden is that soon enough we won’t get any “I was in Japan the other week and people read comic PORN on the subway!”-articles, but “I was in Gothenburg the other day and people read comic PORN on the tram!”

In your tentacle-lesbianed dreams Anders.

I’m happy to say that I’m outclassed in perversion by teenage girls.