Slay the Spire


Pro Tip: early on like you are (and even after 80+ hours like me) grab cards you don’t think will work to puzzle them out and have experience with them. Knowing all the cards and how they work is cool and a great way to get better.

Also check out the daily runs. Super crazy relic and card combos come up that can also be educational.


Thanks for the kind words everyone! Garsh!


I believe the game already has functionality for having your cards chosen by a chatroom, so “phone a friend” might be able to be implemented.


To me, this is like the enjoyment of hearthstone but without all the bullshit that comes with mp card games. It’s also got crazy combos and is genuinely difficult to play, so, it’s great. It’s like a really fun solitaire board game.


I must be part of the 5% who doesn’t get this game. The randomness factor is too high for it to be enjoyable for me. I refunded Armello for the same reason. Oh well I tried.


There’s a guy who has above a 75% win rate on ascension 15 with all three characters, which doesn’t really support the theory that the game is particularly random. Particularly by the standards of a rogue-like. Sure, there are a handful of games that even perfect play can’t pull you through, but I’m pretty confident in saying that if you are still within the refund window you aren’t even remotely close to executing perfect play, and are probably attributing your defeats to luck rather than non-optimal decision making.

Not having a chance to win any % of games is unacceptable to some people, though, which I get.


I’m ok with having a game that’s difficult to complete. I’ve got about 150 hours in Dungeon of the Endless, with a successful completion rate of around 50%. This game just seems more binary: Either you get what you need to finish, or you don’t. Anyways I did refund it, that nice new steam feature.

Hey, it’s like picking food off a menu. Everyone likes something different and we’re all happy gamers :)


I’m just noting that if someone is capable of beating the game 75% of the time on the highest difficulty possible, it’s probably less binary than you might assume based on what less than 2 hours of play experience might suggest.

That being said, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it! I refund games all the time on Steam myself. Steam refunds are the new demo :)


I did manage to get to the end with the orb character, using a build that basically just played endless powers and had lots of things happen when those powers were played.


Argg, twice in a row now I lost on ascension level 3 with the final boss very close to death. Ascension level 3 has been my bane. I must have lost 20 times on this difficulty. Still fun though.


I am the same. Been banging my head on it forever (litterally months).


I found the most noticeable difficulty increase of all the ascensions to be the one where you no longer full heal after boss fights. It’s been awhile since I went through them, but I want to say it is Ascension 5? All the other ascensions seem like very minimal difficulty increases (that add up to significant increases as they compound), but that one in particular really does change the dynamics of the entire game a bit cause you just can’t count on a full heal at the end of acts 1 and 2.

Well, that and Ascender’s Bane at 10. Perma-curse is pretty annoying.


Really impressed at how epic some of the battles can be - there is more depth to the battle system here than most RPGs.


I finally beat ascension level 3. Just squeaked by with 3 HP left. I had a curse that damaged me 1 HP with each card I played (while the curse was in my hand), but I had to keep playing cards because there was no way I’d win if I didn’t kill the boss that turn. I was able to string together drawing more cards and getting more energy. I must have done a ton of damage that turn.


I just realized the game lets you cheese battles by exiting and reloading. It only saves the game at the start of a battle, so if you’re going to fail you can exit and try the battle again from the start. I made use if that to beat ascension level 4, but it felt kinda cheap.

I was rolling along up until the final boss. I got the weapon early that lets you increase max health if you kill an enemy with it. I got my HP up close to 140. It took me 5 tries to beat the time boss.


Picked this up the other day. Fantastic game! Best deck builder I’ve ever played, although I do have more fun playing the table-top board game Dominion since I can play it vs my wife, but this is the best single-player deck builder I’ve played. So good.


Heh, I figured that out a while back. I salve my conscience by only reloading when I make an unintended UI error (ending turn early, usually).


Now I know why the Steam popup keeps saying Slay the Spire lately. This is like the FTL of 2018. (If I’m wrong, please tell me what to go buy right now…wait don’t say Into the Breach…)

3 hrs in. 1st run failed at the first boss, 2nd run in progress, just beat the 2nd boss (The Champion, OMG he has 5x my HP, how the heck did I survive?) The cards are so neat, but I’m worried that I’m accumulating too many of them. I’ve got 30 cards now, should I stop picking up new ones?


Unless you have a real specific plan in your deck (which is pretty rare to put together), you should probably keep taking cards as long as they’re better than the average card in your deck, and in act 3 you’re mostly getting upgraded cards that are that good. Unlike Dream Quest/Monster Hunters it’s pretty hard to remove enough cards from your deck to get a real stripped-down machine.


Learning when to skip cards is a big part of getting better at this game. In my experience I have a core engine identified in my deck by late a1 - early a2 in most successful runs. I only pick cards that support that (or are intrinsically fantastic) once the deck has a theme.

Like, Whirlwind for the fighter is one of the strongest cards in the game. I’ve won several runs with it as the backbone of my deck. But in late a2 when I’m running an exhaust theme with no strength and still just 3 energy? It’s just going to get in the way of drawing the cards I actually need to activate my core combo.