Slay the Spire


I actually ended up gifting 3 people this game because it’s so absurdly good for how cheap it is that I couldn’t help but share the love.

I’m mostly excited for the release date because they are announcing their future plans. Being primarily made by two indie guys and having over a million copies sold, they’d have to be actual madmen not to sell a couple DLCs.


It is an amazingly good game. I’d gladly pay for DLC. Maybe a couple more protagonists (avatars?) you know what I mean.


I’ll start worrying when I see someone using the cultist as their profile picture.


I love that guy. The first one I beat in my first game.


My powers… were matched


You know who I hate way worse than those dinguses? The freaking triple slaver encounter. I feel like I always end up taking significant damage against those buttlords.


For sure. It doesn’t help the fight always starts with them all attacking for 7-12 damage each. Nasty.


Yeah, hard to escape that one without taking much damage. Always hate seeing them.


What’s the name of the knight looking guy with the eye beam blast and the two drones?


I refer to him as the Defect’s body. I think I am almost ready to write fan fiction.


I’m sure we’re all looking forward to it. Or not.


Wonder how far behind the Switch version will be.


So, this thing is officially going 1.0 January 23. But is that just a contrivance? In other words, is it really 1.0 now in terms of content and features, and we’re just waiting for an official release that will be materially no different than today’s build?

I ask because if it’s just a date they picked out of the air and there won’t be material new content or changes before launch, I’ll start playing it now. But if there really is something material to be added before launch, I’d just rather wait until it is done.


You should start playing now…


Start playing it now. Even if they do add stuff for launch, it’s a fully amazing game right now.


Yeah, I mean, it always felt finished to me. I ‘only’ got about 250 hours’ worth of entertainment before I got tired of it, but that’s plenty!


Curious about this game at the current price on GMG, but some recent grumbling about difficulty increases and practically-mandated deck builds to compensate are giving me pause.


By the time you start grumbling about the difficulty, you’ll probably have more than 100hrs trying out the various synergies with the cards.

For example, recently with the Ironclad (a warrior type) I totally owned it with a block based deck which I never thought possible until someone upthread highlighted the possibility. Got level 8 Ascension that way.


Yeah I would take those complaints with a block of salt. If ever there was a card game that doesn’t force you down optimal build paths, it’s Slay the Spire.


What @Adam_B said. Plus, those complaints are akin to “it’s really hard to beat Spelunky’s “hell” level and get the true ending” - it’s supposed to be hard, and like Spelunky you don’t have to go for that as your victory when you sit down for a session, it’s completely optional.