Slay the Spire


I resisted getting into it for the same reasons. 462 hours later …






No kidding!


I know that is off topic to slay the spire, but I am very interested in a turn based PoE 2.


Pssttt…over here.


How many ‘acts’ the game have? I just reached the boss of the third act.


Three normal acts, but an optional and very hard, very short 4th act to defeat the game’s true boss. I’ve gotten to it several times, but never sealed the deal. It’s considered a “victory” to defeat act 3. Sort of like Spelunky’s hell area is the “secret” last zone.


This is a pretty cool game. The developer used to post on, the Netrunner forums (rather more inactive after cancellation), and was an avid Netrunner player. It’s clear he’s taken many lessons to heart from that and other deck building games.

After a two or three failed attempts, I’ve at last made it to act 3 with the Ironclad. I’m looking forward to pushing on tonight! It seems very difficult to make a synergistic deck, and you don’t get many chances to remove cards. (My current deck is a weird exhaust-based thing I could see glimmers of in my first run, and have finally got sort of working with this one).


Cool. Although I feel like I reached up to that point not because I am good, but because I had luck and got two early relics and a card that were all strongly synergistic between them.


Just started, and I’m in the middle of Act 2 in my first run. Pretty neat!

So is it always the same 4 acts, but with different maps and bosses?


Hurrah, got through my first complete run! I think I managed it the third or fourth time.




I also just finished it, including the secret 4th Act.

I was playing defect, and my deck was…well…broken.

I had a card, echo somthing? that basiclaly meant my first card played would be played twice.

I also had a relic that meant every time I played a power card, something would randomly cost 0 energy that turn.

Then i got bottled tornado, which meant I always started with the echo card.

Play echo card, play a power card.

I had 2 of these echo cards…so play one, wait for the next to come through, play that twice.

Plus, heal at end of combat for 7 hp, which is another power card, and I had 2 of those.

So if I had 3 echoes active…it meant the first 3 cards played were played twice…, and if those were powers, they made another random card free.

Play 3 powers twice etc…including the heat sink power card, and the machine learning powercard, which give you free cards when played…

Also, I had an increase your orb total card, which are power cards…so getting that played 2 or 3 times…

At one point, I had 10 orb slots (the maximum) full of Frost orbs, whilst running biased cognition which had triggered twice.

11 focus, multiply by ten orbs…110 defence.

Did I mention the AI learning (?) card, a power card that when played unlocks more power cards?

Rather sick.


Dang. That is indeed a bit OP.


Mummified Hand (play a power, random card costs 0) is probably the single most OP relic in the game, and any deck that gets it by act 2 has a pretty solid chance of winning the run in my experience. Get it with the Top relic and Defect power that draws 2 cards when you play a power for extra fun.


Yes mummified hand, that’s the one!

I almost threw it away, but I compulsively horde all relics, even the ones that don’t seem useful, like the wind up boot.


I just won a run, and I think I also had the mummified hand. Plus I had an artifact that gave me an extra card every round (a serpent that upgraded a snake), an artifact that gave me a card if I ended with no cards, etc. I had lots of 0-cost cards and two of the cards that give you block for playing a card, so every turn it seemed I had 40-50 block. I made it through virtually unscathed.

Honestly, it was so easy that I sorta lost interest in the game. I guess I won’t always be that lucky, and there are more unlocks to play for, so maybe I’ll return to it. The core design is great.


I had a similar run and it did basically cause me to stop playing. After several runs with carefully planned decks that went nowhere, I won with a loose mess of a deck because I got some good relics. That was deeply unsatisfying, suffice it to say. I enjoy the game, but if relic luck is that powerful of a factor then it’s a lot less compelling than it initially seemed.


Getting good at the game is rewarding, but you are allowed to claim to have solved it after playing 20 hours and hitting a lucky run if that’s enough for you guys!