Slay the Spire

I think you had tons of luck to beat the Act 3 boss on first try.

Probably. I got Demon Form very early and focused on using it. And in my later games as Silent and Defect I needed a lot of tries to make it. So Ironclad is just very vanilla and predictable. There’s little arcane in most of the game mechanics, it’s all about being able to plan ahead. It’s just Defect and Watcher require some understanding on top of it, e.g. you might not even know all spheres that Defect can use in your first try.

Just beat Act 3 (Awakened One) for the very first time. Did it with Defect and Snecko Eye, which I agree is probably the best relic I’ve seen. Fifteen hours down, ??? to go.

My only disagreement with the strategies above is waiting for 300+ gold before entering a shop.

I usually keep decks lean and if I have enough gold to shed an attack or defense, I’ll hit the shop.

I always pick the path with the most question marks, as those tend to maximize your chances of getting good stuff.

The current daily is a ton of fun. Draft your perfect Defect deck and see how far you can make it down a single, elite filled path. I wrecked face in it today!

Yea I don’t really love what I said there. I think the best way to put it is I wouldn’t lose a campfire to go for a shop unless I had 350+ gold. If there is one on your optimal route with less than that, you don’t need to avoid it if you can afford the card removal.

Tried the new class last night, seems like a easier start than the Silent or Defect to my untrained eyes. I’ve only ever beaten the heart on Ironclad though, so noob opinion.

After being totally confused about the new character, I watched one Northernlion video from back in the beta to better understand how to play. On my second game I made it to the Heart, but the boss just before it did too much damage for me to have a chance.

I had two innate Battle Hymn (power that gives you an attack card at the start of every turn) and two of the cards that give you two miracles when their drawn. On some turns I simply had too much “junk” in my hand. I kind of knew this as I built the deck, but I decided to go for it and hope for some good draws.

Right, and just window shopping is a weak turn.

I tend towards keeping slender decks. I just did the daily run with 16 cards (a relic heavy starting ruleset).

My fun combo was 2 Biased Cognition for +5 focus and a Core Surge to shut off the penalty debuff from those cards.

Also, I just decided to uninstall it. I’m in a good place with the game and I haven’t seen my family all week. It’s a nice stopping point for now.

Deva Form doesn’t suck.

It kind of does though I think. It costs so much that it basically wastes the turn you played it when you could have been killing enemies. And then the next few turns are marginally better. For combats that will go 5+ rounds and you get it on round one, it’s a good play. Outside that, it’s wasted deck space in my opinion.

I should mention that if you have in your deck and a miracle card so you can double-cast it cheaply then it is tons of fun.

All the various Form cards kind of suck unless you have access to 5+ energy or something (like Snecko Eye) that makes their cost bearable. But then they are great.

I had Deva Form in my last run as well. Plus two energy relics and the two +2 miracle cards I mentioned. I never needed energy, but I only had 2 or 3 draw cards, so sometimes I didn’t have the right hand to take advantage of the energy.

I googled it later and someone pointed out The Watcher needs energy the least out of all the characters. I’m not sure if that’s true. I didn’t think about it too hard. Just something to keep in mind.

Well jeez yeah, high energy cards suck if you don’t have the energy to cast them. Revelation!

First turn Omniscience+ into Omniscience+ into Fasting and Deva Form trivialized many battles.

So, playing the new hero, I want to like Wish, but I can’t. That 3 energy hit is just too punishing. Anyone seen any success with it?

So to unlock the new character I have to re-beat the game with the Orb guy? The new guy is locked and it says that’s what I have to do - even though I have beat the game once with each character. Am I missing something here?

When is this coming to mobile? If you Google the title, there are a ton of people asking for it. Including me now I guess.

Damn, you fell hard into that one. Did you go to the bathroom and stuff? :)