Slay the Spire


Looks like a sloppy seconds sale for this game over the weekend. Around $10 on Steam.


It makes sense - the game is wildly more successful then the developers could have dreamed (and deservedly so) - why not just throw it out for anyone to pick up on the cheap at this point, really grow that player base? I hope it means we get lots more content (a 4th character?!) down the road!


Make a note of the seed of your next few runs, and if they’re disasters post them here and see what people can do with them in a blind run. I suspect the “better” players (which I’m not!) will have consistently better progress than us weaker players.


That’s a good idea. Along with it being instructional, I think it would be fun to post a public seed and see how everyone does with it.


What was the summer sale price? I already forgot.


I checked, $10.07.


I upgrade Armament quite often if I get it early enough. I usually upgrade bash to get the extra turn of the debuff. If I’m running a smallish deck and get the card that increases in damage each time played I definitely upgrade that one.

Frequently though my decks take an unexpected turn and I think I’m going to keep a small deck and then realize I grabbed a bunch of cards because I got some good ones.


Not sure, I bought it well before the sale and didn’t really look at it during. 10% off maybe.


One session I had an upgraded armament that somehow got innate on it (I think via a random event). That helped as it made every first round upgrade a bunch of cards. I also had an upgraded headbutt that let me bring it back into play pretty quickly.

Of course by the second boss too many of my cards were naturally upgraded so it ended up being a waste then.


That’s a great idea! QT3 Slay the Spire runs!


As Wisefool already added to his post:
5 armour is not good enough late game for a card (the basic strikes and defends are really bad cards by then). The upgrading part -can- be nice but it can also be mostly wasted. Your key cards should be upgraded from camp fires already. Meaning you are mostly upgrading mediocre and bad cards that are low on your priority list anyway.

Spending an entire card (20% of your base card draw) and one energy on 5 block and upgrading semi-random cards you probably don’t really want to play that badly is just a poor value proposition in my opinion.

Flex is similar. It -can- have really good turns where it works out marvellously, but very often it will not work out and be basically a terrible zero cost deal 2 damage card that occupies one of your valuable draws.


I dunno, Flex is better than that. Often enough it’s 0 cost 6 damage, with many ways to be significantly better than that.

It’s not great, but I’ll take one or two early.


I made it to the boss of act 3 and lost by a small margin, I beat him, but he resurrected … I hate it when they do this.
I had 4-5 Flex cards in my deck, I like them … also I had 2 upgraded Armament, usually I need the bonfire for healing … but I had a strange deck+relics combo, where I had a couple of times energy left and no cards in hand (I guess not enough card draw). And I bottled Barricades, so that it was always in my hand for the 1st turn …

I can beat Act 1 regularly, Act 2 a bit less regularly and Act 3 not yet (it was the first time I reached the boss) …

When I started the game I did not see how attack, block and own HP are related to each other, but now I see very clearly, that HP is your most valuable resource (as it should be). As a noob I thought healing lost HP would be easy, but that’s the most tricky part.

Are there cards that heal HP? I haven’t seen one, there is a relic that heals 10 instead of 6 hp after combat
Great game, I can see me playing this the next months …


There are a few ways to regain hp.
Here are the ones I can recall:

there is a colourless exhaustable card that does it; there is a very powerful rare attack card, the Reaper, for the Ironclad, which lets you heal insane amounts if you build properly for it; there is an event that can turn you into a vampire; and the Defect got an arguably overpowered power that let it heal at the end of a combat.

The most common ways to heal are through random events, camping (doh) and potions.


Yeah I was having trouble in a lot of my runs until I realised I was overvaluing attack and combo cards in my decks and not having enough block.

After that realisation I beat Ascension 1 with a very block heavy Silent deck that slowly ground the enemy down. Because the enemies block infrequently, attack frequently, have more hp than you and healing is limited, a strong defence seems very powerful.

Of course, there are counters to defensive decks, like the enemies that slowly fill your deck with junk, so you need some damage too to end fights!


The HP situation got me yesterday. I’m still trying to be the spire with The Silent, and struggling to get the deck balanced.

I thought I was going to crush it, because I had the snecko relic that doubled any poison I applied, and I had a good balance of poison delivering cards in my deck of 15… I had eliminated most of my strike cards, but I was having a devil of a time getting good block cards, and I had nothing to return HP. That, combined with a poor +energy +draw cards setup meant that I was slowly getting worn down as I worked my way up the spire… I didn’t even make it to the end of the second act, despite being able to deliver huge amounts of poison.


Endless is unlocked in non-beta now!


Finally won on standard with the silent after giving up on a small handsize and embracing the chaos of big deck, big draw.

Got my first run with the defect, and this is the character for me. Everything makes sense, and I rolled the spire my first time thru


I am now much better at it with the ironclad … before, I took too many cards in my deck because they looked good, but this is really a great deckbuilder, so I started to think ahead and keep my deck effective … also some relics helped… and my best runs I had with strike cards exchanged for bites (healing 2hp) … I got to the boss of act 3 twice but died … it is pretty addicting, and I think I wasted a good amount of my weekend.
Last time I had this much fun was with Into the Breach …
How should I limit my addiction?? I always want to start a new game as soon as I finished the last one…


I’ve had good luck with Defect, using a lightning only style that depends on the Power that has lightning affect all enemies.