Slay the Spire


Not if you’ve got many orbs and a blizzard and/or barrage.


The frost defense setup should be mostly single-use cards, which leaves then space for the awesome attack combo you have carefully set up.
Frankly, I have never run into any troubles with that monster, no matter the build (what sort of build doesn’t deliver a massive damage output on act 3 anyway?)


They changed it today, no more dual summoning. But really, that upgraded card was one the reason I had troubles with Dark: I understand juggling around the orbs to try to get save them or recycle them to get an awesome damage output, but even if I set up for it I can only get it to work but incidently, 90% of the time. Too demanding for me!



Been a lot of changes, updates, extra content, and visual improvements done over the months since I last played this, and now I see this in today’s news! Very cool.


I hope it goes out of EA before year’s end so I can vote it as my #2 GOTY.


Really loving this game.


Just grabbed this yesterday and it’s very well designed – really enjoyed it and look forward to getting a better understanding of the strategies needed to go on some deep runs.


I was stuck on Ironclad Ascension 12 for a while and finally beat it. I got Demon Power to start off so I built a deck to take advantage of strength. So awesome to drop the 5 attacks card with a cost of 1 when i have 15-20 strength, especially when they are vulnerable. I got the relic that prevents discarding your hand at the end of the turn, which let me set up many of my cards for the right moment.

I tend to let me decks get too large, but many times it is with 1 use exhaust cards, so it is just the first pass through the deck that takes a while. It isn’t unusual for me to have 20-25 cards at the end game even though most people seem to recommend much less than that.

I don’t break 1000 points often but I did it today, yippy ki ay!


Congrats! I think I’m still on like 5/5/3.


What is a good starting class/strategy? I am having fun but usually don’t make it to the second boss. I sense the key is keeping a tight deck with a focused game plan (and getting lucky with the right relics).


I’ve gotten to the third boss with luck and a sloppy deck. Someday I’ll have to do some deck pruning.


The genius of the game is there is no given strategy, really. Anything is context dependant. Don’t worry, once you get used to all the elements, you’ll start pulling out combos and become a card flipping wizard who will surprise himself daily!


It has been awhile since i played, but Ironclad does well with a tight deck that focuses on building up those strength modifiers


Thanks. I’d love it if folks posted simple approaches like this. It doesn’t give away much, but represents a simple strategy that I’m too dense to come up with on my own.

So… other ideas folks?


Really general themes:


  • strength modifiers (Inflame, Limit Break, Demon Form, Spot Weakness, etc)
  • block (Entrench, Barricade)
  • wounds + Evolve
  • replaying cards a lot (Rampage, Headbutt)


  • Shivs
  • Poison
  • Things that trigger off discard (Sneaky Strike, Prepared, Dagger Throw, Tactician, etc)
  • Corpse Explosion + anything


  • Getting lots of orbs
  • Getting lots of focus
  • Getting no orbs or focus (Hyperbeam) + Plasma orbs
  • Getting lots of powers
  • 0-cost cards (Claw, Scrape, All for One)


Excellent, thanks so much.




Clues: my #1 also was in EA a very long time, but recently went to 1.0 and thus qualifies as a GOTY contender. And it has its own thread here, a long one. Different genre.


Maybe you could tell us a rime so we would know what in the world that game might be.



“Ode to a steel cord,
Something to be relished
on a Rim World.”