Slay the Spire


I see what you did there.

Bingo! And good haiku skills!

Here, I’ll try.

There once was a World named Rim
‘twas a brutal survival sim
My pawns always die
And I always cry
Then I start it all over again


I honestly loved this.


So I should be playing Rim World then? Got it.


Oxygen not Included is much better than both Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress!


No dwarves, no puppies.




Don’t know why I haven’t posted here, this is easily my favorite game of the past year, maybe two. I even watch Twitch streams of it at night, I’m kind of obsessed. It has replaced Diablo 3 as my “I don’t know what to play next” game.
I am up to Ascension 20 on the ironclad and 18 on the other two, trying to get them all to 20 before i tackle it. At first I found Ironclad the hardest but then came around and now they’re my favorite…I just like exhausting everything I guess.


Wow! Nice job. I’m only at 12 for the ironclad and it takes many games to get a win on each ascension level.


Thanks! It … also takes me many games. Many many games.
Got to 20 on the Defect with the good ol, lots of Defragmentations and Frost Orbs, plus an early Hyperbeam and a mid-late Ritual Dagger. Got the Ritual Dagger up to 60-some damage before the end. Pretty satisfying to end fights with Hyperbeam, return Hyperbeam to my hand, Hyperbeam, Ritual Dagger.
Just Silent to go! Which I’m finding really hard!


I’m 2/3s of the way to unlocking the 4th floor. I haven’t played the defect much - I still have one more unlock for that class. I came close tp beating the 3rd boss. If I had survived one more turn I would have done it.


Just to keep your expections in check (as, if you’re like me, the game probably exceeded those on a regular basis): the 4th floor isn’t much.


Good to know I guess. I have put so many hours into this game - more than I would have guessed.


Well, now I unlocked the 4th floor - tempted to keep playing without ascension level so I can at least see floor 4 sooner.

Edit: Made it!


I don’t do the daily challenge often because I’m trying to work my way up the ascension levels, but would it be fun if the first person to do a daily challenge posted their score and then others could post theirs? The first person could update their post with the other scores if they feel like it so we have them all in one place. The daily challenge leader board can’t be filtered by friends.

Note: This is yesterdays.

Nov 27, 2018

RobC 826.


Not only that, but your ranking isn’t even displayed afterward, you have to look it up!


I did the 11/28 daily, here is my screenshot!


I got 315 on the daily, in my defense I haven’t played in a couple months, also I’m really bad at this game.


I didn’t get a chance to play that one.


Mediocre score for a mediocre build today. Came very close to dying right before the first boss, with only 2 hit points left.


Your score was better than mine, but my character was a freakin’ wrecking ball. Beat donut and his buddy in 3 rounds, maybe 4.