Slay the Spire


Mediocre score? I guess mine was pretty low! :)


It wasn’t the same run, and today’s was all relics, which usually means crazy invincible builds

Edit: ah, there may be the beta branch factoring too, which would make comparisons relevant only to each others branch


Completely missed the date - when do the dailies reset?


At 9am in japan, sometime during the night in Europe, and thus my
guess is beetween 3 and 5pm depending on where you live in America.


So, just a suggestion. Can we move the daily challenge discussion into a separate thread? It’s sort of confusing for people who are just sort of monitoring the thread for release updates and general discussion, and is going to muck up the thread for anyone who comes back to it months or years from now.


I wondered about this myself, I’d love a place to compare daily scores. But it would work better if we could get more players.


I was thinking this wasn’t getting a lot of traction :-)
I do look at the weekly leader boards since that can filter on friends.


I should get back into this game as it is pretty awesome. I believe I got distracted by something else and promised myself I’d pick it up again when it got out of early access. So that’s part of the reason Ive been monitoring the thread.


This game, man.

So, I am doing an Ironclad run, with ascension turned off because I’m trying to reach the final act (for the first time). First relic I get is Dead Branch (“Whenever you Exhaust a card, add a random card to your hand”). So I start adding cards that exhaust to my deck; got some Feel No Pains (" Whenever a card is Exhausted, gain 3 Block" or 4 if upgraded), some Warcry, Exhume, etc. Later, I get the Necronomicon (“The first Attack played each turn that costs 2 or more is played twice”).

Then I get Fiend Fire (“Exhaust all cards in your hand. Deal 7 damage for each Exhausted card. Exhaust”). Which costs 2. So, I get a bunch of cards in my hand, and I cast Fiend Fire. All my cards exhaust, and I do a bunch of damage. Then, Dead Branch refills my hand with random cards. Then, Necronomicon causes Fiend Fire to trigger again, exhaust all those new cards, do a bunch more damage, then Dead Branch fills my hand again.

Oh, and I’ve already played three Feel No Pains this combat (one upgraded), so every card I exhaust gives me 10 block.

Yeah, I reached the final act. And beat it!


Whoa! Nice.


Okay, I am officially the worst gamer ever when it comes to understanding a game interface, No one on earth has trouble with this game.

But I can’t figure out how to play cards. I click it, select it by number, whatever. If I fiddle around endlessly moving it upwards and towards the enemy or myself. Sometimes it shows the desired arrow towards me or my opponent, but usually not for a while. So playing a card is a two minute process.

Could someone please explain the secret to playing a card, before I have to give up on this game?


I am making a little video for you, it should be up soon.


If a card has a target, like most attacks - you click to select the card and then click on the enemy to attack.

Some cards don’t have targets - like a defend card, so you click to select it and then just move your mouse up a little bit and click again.

Some attacks don’t have a target so they work like the defend card does.


Here you are, just a few minutes long, hopefully it will demonstrate how to play these cards.

@rob has the right of it as well, and I didn’t mention attacks that don’t need a target (generally because they hit all enemies at once, like Cleave.


I finally beat ascension 14 after a couple dozen tries. Trying to get to the next level keeps me away from the daily runs sometimes.


Thank you both!

Yesterday was not my day. I was having some weird connectivity problems with my new laptop and tech support finally gave up and told me to do a full reinstall of windows – which soaked up the rest of my day and interrupted my Slay the Spire frustrations, such that did not see this until this morning.

But it looks clear now. Interesting game, I’ll be getting back to it later this morning.


I strictly follow my conduct of playing only the daily, or else I wouldn’t have time to do anything else during my day!


Fun game! Not counting the aborted game due to not understanding the controls, my first game went surprisingly far, getting through two bosses and halfway to the third.

I thought I had lost a couple times earlier on and did not understand the mechanism that saved me.




Stupid Transient. 90% of the time I breeze right past him, but every once in a while you just have the wrong deck, or draw a couple bad hands, and it’s curtains.