Slay the Spire

Definitely take care what you add, and when. Early on I pretty much always take stuff, but I get choosy quickly. If it doesn’t aid your evolving strategy, don’t take it.

No. You have to use the mouse. They actually just added the keyboard commands recently.

Thanks for the confirmation, fellas. Hope to get back to this next week.

Don’t forget though:

Rare, but very satisfying when it works out.

Boss spoiler:

I was one crunch away today from finally eating that Donut the way it is meant to. Aw!


Someday, Left_Empty. Someday.

This just recently happened to me too. I was one turn out of sync. At least I still got a win though, so that was good.

Oh snap, we got our first look at Blue! Looks like a rogue version of the tower’s defense systems… or maybe they’re the rogues!

When I first started playing this I beat the 3rd boss fairly quickly with the first class, but I’m having a hell of a time trying to get to the 3rd boss with the 2nd class. Not, looking for hints - just wanted to mention that I find the 2nd class much harder. I had some nice decks several times but lost to the 2nd boss.

I’m glad this thread popped up because I hadn’t played it in a while and it got me back into it.

Good thing you specified you weren’t looking for hints or I’d have babbled incessantly at you :p

I will say that the opinion of top level players does seem to be that The Silent is tougher.

I find the silent much easier, probably because adding wrong cards is much less likely to lead to dire consequences than with the ironclad.
Also I always enjoy class with lots of cards swinging over tighter decked ones in those kind of games.

Man, I suck at this game. I got close to the 3rd boss on one run with the Silent (the event that gave me five Wraithform or whatever cards was l e g i t), but since then I’m just getting hosed.

Still pretty fun, though.

It took me a lot longer to get a win with Silent than with Ironclad. I’m still two ascendancies behind with Silent. You’ll get it. just keep trying.

Sounds like you’re doing fine to me, man. You just gotta learn about the cards, relics, enemies etc. and find your groove.

Some basic but maybe unobvious notes:

In other games of this type you may be used to prioritizing deck-thinning and card draw. Those aren’t nearly as powerful here; it’s rare to get enough opportunities to remove a card from your deck to make a noticeable difference, and card draw that costs more than 0 can be very inconvenient to use, e.g. the Ironclad card that is 1: exhaust 1, draw 2 is hard to find a good time to play unless you’ve gotten more AP (action points).

You should get more AP. Most of the boss relics that give you an additional AP are worth taking, though in my experience the one that stops you from getting gold and the one that doesn’t let you see what your opponents are playing are hard to use.

Unfocused Ironclad decks probably still work. Get some Strength boosters and hit some stuff. Silent decks are much more vulnerable to being unoptimized; I’ve found either concentrating on Shivs or on Poison to work well but mixing those is no bueno.

Be conservative with losing health. There aren’t that many opportunities to heal and each one has the opportunity cost of missing out on a card upgrade, and the less health you lose the more elites you can go after.

if you can make it past boss 2, you’re doing fine. Silent is especially unforgiving.

I think card draw is really strong in this game. If you don’t have consistent card draw, you are going to be ladden down especially in the later game with a lot more dazed and curses. also, many turns will necessitate a certain type of play, whether it be defensive or offensive or prep for a future turn. Card draw lets you have more flexability in your turns.

On that note, the Ironclad’s bullet time is an incredibly strong card. Get your dozens of cards out using drawing skills, fire up the bullet time and let the carnage begin. It solves both the expansive cards and the AP crisis of that fighter’s at once, and is much less dependant on relics than a lot of other strategies.

It took me around 20 tries, but I finally won with The Silent. I love Catalyst.

Congrats! Yup, Catalyst Gets it Done!

My first win was brought to you last night by Necronomicon, Whirlwind, and Demon Form. Yowza.

E: oh, and 5 starting power thanks to the “you can’t play more than 6 cards” and “get cursed by every chest” relics. Both downsides were minimal.