Slay the Spire


Although you’ve been able to mod Slay The Spire for a bit now, it just got easier because the Steam Workshop is all set up in todays new patch.

Some of the new classes people have come up with are really interesting.

Anyways, if you haven’t tried any of them it can be entertaining.


For those who already enjoyed Slay a lot and want to try out additional stuff here are my personal mod recommendations.
There were already a good number before so there is a selection of decently progressed ones available.

4 dependency mods:

  • Basemod, - Stslib, - ModtheSpire and -Friendly Minions as shared libraries. Their initial use was to allow mods for Slay before the official support but they developed into and now form the base for many of the other mods by providing and unifying mechanics. As time goes on these might become partially obsolete and superfluous but currently many mods require them.

Added content mods:
These add relics, events, monsters, bosses, cards, card mechanics, game mechanics and more. Everything except new classes really. Generally not as balanced as the base game but also not overly crazy.

  • Replay the Spire (not uploaded to the workshop at the time of writing)
    The oldest of the “big” mods. Well done and decently balanced. Adds lots of everything.

  • Hubris
    Adds a decent amount of everything with a focus on strong things having drawbacks or side effects. Slightly less balanced but still very good.

  • Conspire
    Adds a medium amount of new stuff focused on combat mostly. Good balance.

  • Infinite spire
    Adds a small amount of new stuff. Allows you to turn every run into an endless run (which is an option I don’t like and recommend you disable). Adds a very fun quest log with randomly generated quests though.

  • Blakkmod (not uploaded to the workshop at the time of writing)
    Adds a good chunk of new stuff AND a new class. I personally don’t like either from this mod pack though and would normally not recommend it but it is one of the more popular ones for other people.

These are much harder to recommend. None of them are as well done or anywhere as complete as the base game’s classes. Some of the available ones are outright bad. Many have big problems in card pool, synergies, card selection and especially balancing. Can still be interesting to try out completely new classes and most of them have at least a couple of neat ideas.

Good ones:

  • The Construct
    Probably the most complete and well rounded class mod for mechanics and card selection. Hideously overpowered.

  • The Beaked
    Some good ideas mixed with some mediocre ones. The resulting gameplay is interesting and better than many other class mods. Somewhat overpowered and has time consuming healing mechanics.

Well done but not as complete:

  • Mad Scientist (not uploaded to the workshop at the time of writing)
    Decently designed and balanced with some unique aspects. Lacks a bit in content but is fun to try.

  • The Servant (not uploaded to the workshop at the time of writing)
    Also decently designed while lacking a bit in content/card selection.

  • Blackbeard
    Hideously overpowered and very limited card selection. Fun to try.

  • Slimebound
    Interesting mechanics and style of playing.


Whoa thanks for the mod writeups! I will probably take a look at infinite spire (quests sound neat) and Replay when/if I ever get past asc 20 on all the characters. Plus they have already stated there are new characters coming out sometime after official release. The game will never end!

…it might be fun trying to come up with a character, I have to admit. Balance would be so hard.


Are there any redesign mods for the main characters? For some reason they look really ugly to me. The enemies seem okay.


Many mods add individual cards to the base classes but I don’t think there are any that graphically change them.


I finally beat ascension 15. I had a high block deck - several flame walls, ghostly armor. I got barricade shortly after, so I got a couple more block cards. Then I got the bottled tornado artifact which let me choose barricade to be in my starting hand. I also had a barricade which let me do 100+ damage a couple of times. It worked out pretty well!


Finally completed my first run.

Was on the defect, I spent the entire game building a frost deck, getting cards to channel frost, also cards that boosted power, Creative AI, etc. (all the cards that boost you when you play power, plus the card that gives you a free power each draw) and worked on getting focus cards.

I was like 3/4 through with no blizzard draws yet, super frustrating. Last guy I kill has a blizzard, completely wiped the floor with the final bosses with crazy blizzards, and then that card that lets you pull the card back into your hand again. SO good. It is awesome when you come up with a plan for a deck and it finally comes together. I probably could have won without the blizzard card, because I was stacking crazy focus and slowly gaining all of the various power cards each draw, but man did that help. Did like 50+ damage a hit near the end.


Congrats on your first win! And yea, Hologram (the upgraded one in particular that doesn’t exhaust) is an amazing card that should be in most Defect decks imo.

Once you’ve beaten it once with each character you can unlock the ability to go to Act 4 from then on, which is a whole new challenge. Not to mention the 20 progressively harder Ascension levels.

I’ve yet to beat Act 4 on Ascension 20. It just seems like an exercise in self-flagellation. But maybe one day I’ll really give it a go.


I seem to have the best luck with Defect. I am trying to get a handle on the other characters, but I feel like I just don’t get enough block to survive.


Christ. My kid.

Earlier today.

Kid - “Dad, you want to watch me beat the final act 4 boss?”

Me, thinking to myself, “Ha, right.” Out loud - “Sure.”

Kid beats act four boss with the Defect. Well, okay, that’s … impressive. I have only gotten to the act 4 boss three times and gotten close to beating it once.

Just now, a few hours later.

Kid - “Dad, want to watch me beat the act 4 boss again?”

Me, thinking to myself, “Probably with his Go To Defect Build again, Haha”

Kid, playing Ironclad, handily beats the final boss. Get’s final real ending for the second class, get’s second of three + finishing achievements.

Kid, “Hey, if you want some tips for this game you have over 200 hours in, just let me know!” Pats my arm patronizingly.

I watch in horror as his crazy score… levels him up and he unlocks cards.

Wait, what?

Me - “You haven’t even unlocked all of the Ironclad’s stuff!?”

Kid - “No, this was my next time playing after I beat act 4 last time.”

Kid, also because he’s a smart ass. “It wasn’t even that good of a run. Well, I guess I don’t have a frame of reference, I’ve barely played Ironclad. I hope they don’t nerf Act 4 for filthy casuals like you, Dad.”

He’s got like 20 hours in this fucking game. I told him to leave me alone for a few hours.


If it makes you feel better, I have like 15-20 hours in the game and haven’t beaten the 3rd boss yet. In fact, I’ve only made it to him a few times.


Look, maybe you should stop being such a filthy casual! :P


ooooh that stings!!! LOL


And I was feeling pretty good getting past act 2 with the silent.

Mass poison. 👍


This is why kids aren’t allowed to join forums without supervision.


I think it took me 15 hours or so to make it through the end. I also did the daily challenge and finished yesterday! All with the defect. I guess they are my jam?!

I haven’t looked up strategies or deck building guides, but I think the key is, figure out a theme based on your early card drops and relics, and build around that, also get into as many encounters as you can in act 1 to get cards, less in act 2, and then even less in act 3. The act 3 encounters can be brutal for some deck builds.

Also, limit your deck to cards that work for your scheme, for ones that don’t just don’t pick them up. Keeping your deck small and full of good cards means you see those cards more often.

Or, if you are like me and can’t resist shiny cards, pick up the cards that let you hold cards between discards or search the draw/discard pile for a card. That way can effectively build combos. During the daily run last night with the defect, I focused on collecting 0 cost cards, and played the “all for one” card which pulls all 0 cost cards out of the discard. Led to some devastating multi claw, beam, etc combos. Focused on upgrading the cards that could to cost 0 as well.


So…I just unlocked ascension with the Silent.

Loads of poison and corpse explosion, focus on the enemy with the most HP, and stock up on defence, because defence was lacking.

I was getting my arse kicked by the Doda and Heka bosses, until I focussed on one, with poison and corpse explosion, and a card that dealt damage every time I used any card.

edit - and catalyst and nightmare cards.

Play ngihtmare, guarentee 3 catalysts in hand next turn. That doubles enemy poison, each time. So if you’ve managed to inflict 8 points of poison, playing 3 of these leads to 16, then 32, then 64 poison, and at that point just defend and the enemy will die soon enough. The only weakness here is the low defence, so high attack enemies might smash you up, and also slimes split when they get to 50% HP, so poison is sometimes wasted.

That was fun.

Silent is definitely my type.



Upgraded Cataclysm triples poison!


Poison might be my favorite archetype. It’s so fun, and so much better with the revamped Corpse Explosion if you can get it.

Even if Bouncing Flask gives me a stroke from time to time ;)


I will start playing the second it’s released, at this point I’m waiting 1.0 version just because, I’m hearing great things of it…