Slay the Spire


Time to tell your kid that Ascension 0 is for babies, and for him to get back to you once he’s beaten Act 4 with all 3 characters on Ascension 20, because maybe then you might love him again. :)


Yeah, if only I could get past ascension 3… :)

I’m honestly a little afraid I’ll challenge him to that and he’ll just… do it. Goddammit.


Is it actually possible to beat the Final Act with the Silent? I’ve failed like 50 times, never even gotten close to beating the final boss. Has anyone done it??


In short: yes. In fact, several folks here have taken all of the classes through all acts repeatedly, into various levels of Ascencion.


But you don’t have to beat the final act to increase ascension do you? At least you didn’t before the final act existed. I’m on ascension 7 on all three characters and I’ve only beat the final act with the Ironclad.


My son beat the final act with the Silent. In fact, that was the first time he had done so. He did the Ironclad next. He doesn’t like the Defect (but I think he will when he gets more time in with him).


I haven’t even tried the Defect, let alone have the final act unlocked. Still playing through increasing ascension levels with the other characters on the latest release.


Correct, you don’t need to beat the final to unlock the next Ascension.

I smooshed the heart on like A6 with the Silent and a fatty shiv build. That was hilarious – I did the “trade your starting relic for a rare relic” start and got the thing that gives +2 (?) damage to all zero-cost attacks. A couple of Blade Dances and Accuracies later, and eventually a Dead Branch (random card to your hand every time you exhaust a card) and I breezed through everything.


Ok, thanks. I may try that (or I like @BloodyBattleBrain’s idea of Nightmaring Catalysts). Good to know it can be done.


It’s really about building around whatever the RNG blesses you with. The Silent has a couple themes that can all build out pretty strong: Discard, Shiv, and Poison off the top of my head.


I haven’t tried this yet, but thought those interesting in modding might appreciate this article:


Just did a Silent run where I didn’t get one poison card. WTF?


The RNG also taketh away.


I finally won one!

It would be a bit more satisfying, though, if I understood why this was so effective. I feel like much better-planned decks have done far worse for me. This, by and large, was just me tinkering with some new cards and (somewhat haphazardly) trying to add things that complemented them.


The Mummified Hand, a bit like the Snecko Eye, helps transforming janky decks into somewhat effective machines :D


I’ve had games with the Ironclad where I didn’t see one card that increased strength, and games with the Defect where I didn’t see one card that increased the number of orbs or the orb focus. It makes for tough going. Fortunately, those runs seem to be rare.


This is what I love about the game, and what makes it endlessly re-playable. It requires you to improvise based on your card drops.

This is why I usually emphasize new players to try and get into as many encounters as you can in act 1, including elites, because they are less dangerous, and you can get a good feel on what you can build your deck around.

The last run through with the defect I had, I built heavily around lightning orb creation, with the hopes that I would get the card that did x damage for each orb summoned, but I never got that card drop. It was painful, but I was able to pivot to a build designed around 0 cost cards, and the ability to pull discards back into my hand multiple times in a turn. Combined with a couple claw cards, things got really damage heavy after a few rounds.


Agree, but there are seeds where your drops make it almost impossible to complete.


The bulk of that is player skill and adaptability, though. There are players who win like 90%+ of their starts, or so I hear anyway.


There are a few people who win 90+% of their A20 runs, which doesn’t speak too highly in favor of many RNG seeds being unbeatable.

I can barely squeak out a win there myself, outside of the Defect who I won with my 2nd attempt, the Ironclad and Silent took… a number of attempts. I am definitely not one of those aforementioned people. But I’ve seen them stream the game, it’s interesting.