Slay the Spire


Yeah, removing cards isn’t just for curses. Once your deck starts taking shape, a strike or defend often isn’t much better than a dead draw. Get rid of em!


Sometimes there is too big an emphasis on getting a small deck. I’ve won a lot of my games climbing up the ascension ladder with decks of 20-30 cards. Spending money on card removal could mean you don’t have the coin to buy a really good card in the store. I almost always remove at least 2 or 3 cards between the store and random events.


There are also fake large decks, the ones with lots of powers, and if you got the right card or artefacts to synergize with them, those cards are actually turned into resources.
But there is a sweetness to the holy grail 5 cards deck I’ll never forget.


90% of the games I win I have like 25-30 cards in my deck. I only work to remove cards if I have better cards now, like pulling out strikes when I have better strikes. Or pulling out a card that I grabbed early that isn’t working with the rest of the deck. Mostly I spend money on Relics and potions now.


1.0 is live!



Nice! I played a couple runs when it first showed up in EA, and have been looking forward to the official release to dive back in for real, especially after seeing lots of people vote for it in the Quarterlies.


Ok so my run at Ascension, and I notice I can get emerald, sapphire and ruby keys.

What do these do?


If you get all three, then beat the Act 3 boss, then you can proceed to Act 4.


many thanks.


Ok. Time to play this…

It’s fun! I can see the possibilities.

That said, I’m not the biggest lover of deckbuilding, and this is a deckbuilder game. I think I’m not going to like it as much as for example, Dead Cells.


Ok, now I will give this some serious time. Well, whatever serious time is left from playing Monster Hunter World and turn-based Pillars of Eternity 2, that is. ;)


I resisted getting into it for the same reasons. 462 hours later …






No kidding!


I know that is off topic to slay the spire, but I am very interested in a turn based PoE 2.


Pssttt…over here.


How many ‘acts’ the game have? I just reached the boss of the third act.


Three normal acts, but an optional and very hard, very short 4th act to defeat the game’s true boss. I’ve gotten to it several times, but never sealed the deal. It’s considered a “victory” to defeat act 3. Sort of like Spelunky’s hell area is the “secret” last zone.


This is a pretty cool game. The developer used to post on, the Netrunner forums (rather more inactive after cancellation), and was an avid Netrunner player. It’s clear he’s taken many lessons to heart from that and other deck building games.

After a two or three failed attempts, I’ve at last made it to act 3 with the Ironclad. I’m looking forward to pushing on tonight! It seems very difficult to make a synergistic deck, and you don’t get many chances to remove cards. (My current deck is a weird exhaust-based thing I could see glimmers of in my first run, and have finally got sort of working with this one).