Slay the Spire


Y’all are weird. ? Rooms are fantastic. Yeah it’s RNG, but you get rewards orders of magnitude more powerful than off regular encounters. The fact that there’s an uncommon relic that makes you not roll encounters in ? rooms is no accident.

Transforming cards is so damn good, especially early.


Yeah, I agree, it seems to me 25% of times is something bad, 75% of a minor benefit.


In fact sometimes ? rooms are just a straight up chest woth coins and a relic!


Get you a Necronomicon and then come at me about ? rooms, sheesh


Always worth the 11 life. But tbe 0 cost power at the start of combat is my favorite.


My ability to reliably get at least to the act 2 boss increased dramatically when I started preferentially hitting ? rooms. As has been noted, adding cards isn’t the be all and end all it seems.


The first few (3 in Act 1, 2 in Acts 2&3) fights are easier than the rest. I think the fight difficulty also increases as you go higher. So I tend to prioritize fights at the beginning of an Act and events near the end.


So, really basic strategy tips.

  1. You don’t have to take a card, if it doesn’t fit your deck, leave it
  2. Prioritize fights in Act 1 to build your deck, try to fight an elite if you can, save up cash
  3. Act 2 fights are ok, better to focus on ?, Shops, Treasure spaces
  4. In shops prioritize relics first, buying and removing cards 2nd, never buy potions, you get plenty free
  5. Save potions that protect your build’s weak spot

That is some really basic beginner advice, put that on top of learning each encounter’s typical strategy will help you survive.

I have also found that the defect is the easiest class (for me)


I finally beat the final act with the Silent! It took SO long! ONE HP left!


That’s a lot of relics




Congrats, man! I still haven’t accomplished this lofty goal myself, not without using a custom seed (which worked great, sort of, but gave me no achievements or sense of accomplishment). :)


Yup. Silent with poison, catalyst, burst.


Yup, the boss icon on the map was unique to each boss when I played a couple of months ago. Time-stealer has the stopwatch icon fwiw. I think he’s the only Act3 boss that I pivot my build on though.


Bah. A good shiv build can deal with Time Asshole just fine, so long as you have some defense and you’re careful about when you trigger his big dumb stupid thing. It’s not a great matchup by any means, but it’s not like it’s unwinnable.


Indeed there are little things more satisfying than ripping one to Time Asshole in a single turn (managed it only once).


Took me an embarrassingly large number of attempts but finally got all the way through to destroy the heart. Just barely, too! Conveniently completed the last of my Ironclad unlocks at the same time.

It sure takes some crazy combinations to get a workable deck for boss-elite-boss with only one rest. If I hadn’t gotten that thing that gives you 5 intangible, I doubt I’d have made it through.

Now, if I could just get a Feed in the same run where I kill the Doughnut Shape boss…


The daily today is super fun - just a massive deck of cards, which is a completely different way for me to play (i try to keep my deck at 12 or less)


I rolled through everything on my way to the third boss - and then died in two turns because I couldn’t draw any of my 15 Apparitions. Big deck blues!


Maybe my critical view on ? rooms comes from the same place as my view on upgrading cards at bonfires. Initially when I started play I prefered ? rooms over everything and tried to upgrade cards instead of resting - the idea was that if I’m not able to fight through next enemy with low HP then I’m not viable in the long run and card upgrades make me more viable.

So I thought that any new player would naturally do that hence my advice about fewer ? rooms.

I’ve completed Act 3 with the Silent and have switched to Defect. This is certainly a very different character with a lot of variety. After several tries I got a combination of talents summoning cards and cards summoning talents and so on. Worked great. Act 3 boss was Awoken and he worked well against that combo. Previously Silent had wiped the floor with him by mass poisoning.