Sledge Hammer is back

Another show I loved, yet completely forgot about until it was mentioned again.

One of the bits that stik out in my mind was when he busted in on a counterfeiting operation that was selling the phony bills at a discount. He asked how they could make money selling bills for less than face value. The priceless reply was “We make it up in volume.”

Is “skein” the new it word? Should I try to sprinkle it into my everyday conversation more?

No, that’s a Piers Anthony word in my mind, and I’d rather not be reminded of that shlock anymore, thank you very much. :D

Whitta’s been living in LA too long. He’s picked up the nasty Variety habit of butchering the English language. Like, for god’s sakes, do they really need to write “competish” instead of “competition”???

Oh, and he has the weird Variety habit of CAPITALIZING movie names, like SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and KILL BILL, VOL 2.

Back to subject, I remember Sledge Hammer. Funny show. But I was like 14 when it aired.

I don’t think I ever laughed so hard as when a friend brought over a best of Sledge Hammer tape he rented. I didn’t want to watch it because it looked powerfully stupid at best but he insisted and I am glad he did. This was like 10 years ago, wonder if it still holds up? Because The Dungeons And Dragons Animated Series sure as hell didn’t.

The only thing I remember about the show is the guy slept and showered with his gun.

How could anyone forget Hammeroid?!

I remember the Amish episode (by the end, the Amish had donned sunglasses and were packing automatic weapons), as well as the fact that he liked to target practice in his apartment. With live ammunition. And that his neighbors hated him for it. Cause he missed a lot.

I was really angry at the way they ended it.

I’ve been longing for the return of this show. I really thought it was dead and buried. It could be really cool if done right.

I’m really looking forward to this. Sledge Hammer was just hilarious!

Awesome, I remember loving this show. I also remember that Sledge Hammer’s father’s name was “Armand.”

If there resurrecting half-forgotten shows like this, can Quark be far behind?

I just want them to bring “The Rockford Files” on DVD.

A very funny show that I forgot about.

Back when I watched TV regularly, I had a habit of adopting shows that most people never watched. I’d get hooked and then six episodes later the series would be canceled.

Sledgehammer at least lasted a few seasons. It was stupid but funny, a kind of knuckleheaded Police Squad! :)

I’ll definitely look for this one on DVD but it forces me to ask, once again, where is The Tick (animated series) DVD?

Cool news, this gives me hope that Bakersfield PD will be released on DVD one day.

Hohhh man are you ever right. Add in Speed Racer. I’m ascared of buying the Battle of the Planets DVDs or D/Ling Thundarr bittorrents due to this disturbing nostalgic bait and switch.