Sleeping Gods

Oh, the pledge manager for Distant Skies opens in August, to everyone.

My poor wallet.

Hey, it worked! Thanks for the great advice. :D

I’ve been giving this a go, and I feel like I’m doing fairly well. Three totems, but now facing the most dangerous event cards, so we’ll see. :) Fun, in any case. My only complaint would be that it is a space hog, it is actually an awkward fit on my table.

But I have a question for those who know the game better. You start with two quests, and up to this point, completed quests always provided me with further quests. Now, suddenly, I have no quests to pursue. So… is this normal? Am I just supposed to explore blindly and come up with further quests? Or have I misread something somewhere, and overlooked quest cards I was supposed to receive?

From what I had seen to this point, it looked like the keyword system meant that arriving someplace without the necessary quest card really wasn’t going to accomplish much. But maybe that was just in a very small starting area, or I simply misunderstood.

If you didn’t notice this, the quest cards with waves on the left of the card are ones that will take you other places, and generally are ‘larger’.

But yeah, if you are out of quests then blind exploring is the way to go! Bigger cities and ports are usually a good bet.


It looks like I could pick this up for $87-93 on Amazon, but I think there is another printing coming later this year. Is $90 a reasonable price for this game, or is it inflated due to limit supply? I didn’t see a way to preorder the next printing on their website.

It seems like people are enjoying this quite a bit and if it is going to become very difficult to find I don’t know if I should just get it. I did just buy Spirit Island and we didn’t get a chance to play that yet, so I don’t need a new game right now.

MSRP is about $85-99 depending on the source, but I’d imagine shipping is going to be in the $15-20 range due to the physical weight of the box. So for instance, Miniature Market has it for $77, but shipping will probably take you back up to where you’re at with Amazon.

Yup - that is basically what it goes for.

I have Tides of Ruin coming tomorrow because I’m in love with this game and it is now going to eat cash out of my wallet at every opportunity

It looks like Miniature Market has free shipping, at least if I also order the expansion. Looks like I’d save $25ish vs Amazon. Is Miniature Market a good place to buy? I’ve never used them before.

Edit: Looks like people have mostly good things to say about them online. I’m in no rush so slow shipping isn’t an issue.

As a new St. Louisan, I’m proud to say they’re terrific. :)

Actually, I’ve never shopped there, but friends in the area (and in this forum!) recommend them highly. Good store. Good people. (To clarify, I have friends who have had a competing local gaming store franchise here in the Lou since 1981, and though they’re competitors, they speak highly of one another.)

I’ve heard they have a good reputation, just slow on shipping - but everything gets out.

For another 1/3 of a campaign done last night.

Game cracks me up. Spend 10 turns sailing around to find a totem. Then you explore a random location and stumble on one!

Up to 6 totems in this campaign with a 1/3 to go! We only got 1 on our last play