Slender Man games?

So, my kid and his friends are currently obsessed with the Slender Man myth. I got him a simple iOS game and he played the heck out of it, and he was wanting one for his PC.

Found this one: Slender for PC/Mac

Anyone know of any other decent ones? We have iOS, Windows 7&8, Android, 360, PS3, and, er, WebOS in the house.

I’m pretty sure there’s at least 2 Slender Man games out there, but you do the same thing in each of them - run around and collect notebook pages until he pops out of nowhere and grabs you. I think one is based in a school while one is in the woods…

There are a couple being worked on now that are on Steam Greenlight but not yet released. If your son just likes the jumpy scary, then he should check out SCP-087 (write up) and SCP Containment Breach, both of which are also based on internet created horror (there’s actually a term for that called “creepypasta”. How dumb is that?). SCP-087 is basically a terror inducer, not really a game. There’s always Amnesia: Dark Descent, too, which will scare the pants off any person.

Yes, Amnesia is the best of this genre.

Thanks, Rudy and Telefrog.

I think I’ll hold off on Amnesia for now, given that I’ve heard adults say that game scared the crap out of them. Might try it myself, though!