SLI Red flicker/shimmer...any cure?

So, I just built my first SLI box:

750w Corsair SLI-rated PSU with three PCIE 6-prong connectors
2x 9600 GT video cards
8400e CPU
2 gigs RAM
EVGA 750i FTW mainboard

…getting red shimmering/flickering in games, all games.

All the searches I’ve seen say “Check your video cards”. Did that. Individually, both work fine. They say “Check your temps”. With 9600’s? Temps shouldn’t be an issue. They say “Check your power”. Brand new PSU, 750w, those are fine.

Any ideas guys? Please?

Miracle of miracles. Unseating and then re-seating the two GPU cards (and unconnecting and re-connecting the power rails to them) fixed it.

Went from a 9400 score with one 8800 GTS to 14120 with the 9600’s in SLI.

Time to get rolling on POOP v.2 now!