Slice & Dice (by tann), my new GOAT (roguelike dice tactics game)

No. Although there are various modes, i won’t say more, and an incentive to complete multiple successive successful runs in the form of a leaderboard.

The full game has 20 encounters, which get more challenging. I beat the demo on normal on 1 try but have yet to beat the full game on normal after 5 or 6 tries. Maybe I just suck though :-)

I just noticed this
Screen Shot

Edit: and I just tried it, and it doesn’t seem to hide anything!

I think that is for the dice that show when inspecting characters.

@TimJames always 20, but there’s a mode that starts at 8, and others that repeat 20 endlessly until failure

Yea, I got my win on classic normal difficulty!

Nice! Now to try hard 🔥. And after that…☠️
Or not! Play how you like. I like that you aren’t made to feel like you have to player on higher difficulties to unlock things. For the record, though, I kind of like Unfair.

Yes, the more difficult mode don’t make the game simply harder but ask you to approach the skills, items and interactions in whole new ways. What a game.

that did help. fun game but still obviously optimized for mobile.

redirect seems huge. got a win on my first go which I’m not used to in these types of games. Got kinda rough until I got redirect + heals. monk that received double healing and could take all the damage made a few fights trivial.

edit: found out I was on easy. lol. usually start on normal in games.

This is why we all like this game. We are simpletons who enjoy casual phone games!

I think I died on the demo on normal, then bought the game on the strength of that. I like that ‘Demo’ is a separate mode now and, wow, there are so many modes to unlock!

Anyway, my first go at Classic I decided to just go for it and went with Hard. I reached the final boss and cleared its minions but I had a turn where I rolled a bunch of blanks and couldn’t recover from that. I was feeling pretty confident going in too. I had a venom, barbarian, vanguard, forsaken and artificer so a pretty good spread of abilities with a bunch of items that offset things and synergised in various ways. I had the opportunity at one point to deal some 10+ poison damage (with plague) with my venom but unfortunately had to aim it at a half-dead minion otherwise we would have wiped. We got hammered and my healer couldn’t keep up (not helped by the blanks!). Boooo! Loved it.

Edit: I also love the pixel art, the portraits and backgrounds in particular.

I wish it was available on ios, I would play the crap out of it. looks like the dev has been talking about ios for years but nothing yet.

I played the demo on my Mac and I like it, but this isn’t really the type of game I want to play sitting at a computer. I would love an iPad version, or a Steam Deck version if nothing else. iOS might be too much of a hassle to be worth it for the dev, but it seems strange not to get it out on Steam ASAP.

Yup. I would happily but it again on iOS. That’s the dream. As I’ve mentioned, it plays great on my iPad over Steam link.

@harkonis redirect is great. Repel rocks too, depending on the fight (it is usually better vs lots of enemies).

I don’t think it’s optimized for mobile so much as it isn’t optimized at all, lol

I meant visually optimized for mobile. the scaling just doesn’t work on a bigger screen. This guy is sitting on a gold mine and should do whatever it takes to hit ios and console imo. Might start streaming from PC but would love to see this on console.

End of loop 4 team and curses.

The survival specialist blessing has been key (along with middle shield), and I’m now getting to the stage where hanging on for the end of turn 7 cataclysm is a very likely outcome

Getting up there!

Some people just don’t want that. Mo’ money, mo’ problems I guess.

in my days we were reporting those socialist troublemakers in becoming.

I almost won an unfair run. I think i lack the proper knowledge of class sublayers as I was hoping for a self damaging warrior upgrade that didn’t come.
At one point i really didn’t want to upgrade my rogue, who was a crazy “free damage on rolls” death machine, but I couldn’t figure how to skip one. is it even a possibility?

The latest update added the ability to skip upgrades.

There’s a little cross in the top right to let you reject the upgrades