Slice & Dice (by tann), my new GOAT (roguelike dice tactics game)

Some people just don’t want that. Mo’ money, mo’ problems I guess.

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I almost won an unfair run. I think i lack the proper knowledge of class sublayers as I was hoping for a self damaging warrior upgrade that didn’t come.
At one point i really didn’t want to upgrade my rogue, who was a crazy “free damage on rolls” death machine, but I couldn’t figure how to skip one. is it even a possibility?

The latest update added the ability to skip upgrades.

There’s a little cross in the top right to let you reject the upgrades

Just to be clear, by “latest update” this has been in the game for a while now, not like this week or anything.

I’m judging games for the Independent Games Festival, and ran across Circadian Dice. I think it’s been mentioned in one of the indie threads, too. It’s got some broad similarities to Slice and Dice, and it’s quite fun, if a little clunky in places. Also inexpensive!

It also has a decent demo!

I don’t like it as much, I think mainly because I can’t “lock” anything. My inner Yahtzee fan dislikes that.

I have it. It’s ok. Nowhere near what S&D is.

I forgot to say thanks, Matt, Shards, Misguided: I spotted that little cross once told!

How loop 7 ended…

Cataclysm has saved me multiple times now. Including on the round before this where it was just Venom Vs Hydra at the end and I was saved by self shield…

Just saw that in a totally different game 🤣
But seriously, that’s awesome!

Yeah, the summoners are a pain. If they decide to summon early and often things can go downhill fast.

This is probably the best game I have played on my phone, thanks @Misguided for creating the thread, would have totally missed it otherwise!

Any recommendations on focusing what to unlock? I see there are a bunch that depend on # of victories, but they may take a while. I can usually win on normal. I tried hard mode and lost, but there is an unlock I can try for by getting a win.

Edit: Actually, I was mistaken. For number of victories unlocks, I thought it meant winning the total game, not individual battles. So it will move along much faster than I thought.

I was trying to get the unlock for beating Unfair difficulty. I was also trying to beat Loot mode on Easy (I don’t know if there’s an unlock for that, but probably). But they were both too hard and I was getting frustrated.

Now I’m just playing Blursed mode, which is way more fun, and I get occasional random unlocks just from picking certain heroes or certain items.

I want to go after unfair at some point, but haven’t tried.

@robc04 if you haven’t tried Cursed mode yet, give it a try. Doing so will unlock Blursed, which is a lot of fun, as Josh mentioned.

Right now I only have classic, custom and shortcut unlocked. To unlock loot mode it says to complete any mode with 12+ items. How would you even get that many items? The game only offers so many on a single run. I’m guessing I need to unlock whatever it is after you win 75 battles. Actually I may have done that on my phone - I think it is paste mode?

You get 10 items/standard runs, and there might be ways to get a little more…

I never checked the achievements or unlocks. I won’t either now: you make it sound like a condition!

Oh yeah, I guess cursed unlocks from beating hard. I unlocked loot mode from blursed, which makes it a bit easier to pull off (you can start with items with the right blessings).

There are often options between choosing one of two items or 2 or 3 items of lower level. You’ll need to take those when they come up.