Slice & Dice (by tann), my new GOAT (roguelike dice tactics game)

you get all the versions on the page. Case solved!

My last few loot mode runs have ended on a wall of gnolls.

Oh cool. So you’d need to side load it onto the phone, then? I don’t suppose there’s any way to sync progress?

Oh, man, I bought it on the play store like a sucker :P

The only interaction I haven’t liked so far (it’s a great game) is that Urn (gives the middle side enduring: keywords remain when the side is changed) doesn’t work when you level. I assumed that was what it was for.

I wish I knew that. I bought the phone version but in retrospect I wish I got the PC version. I don’t play away from my PC much at all and playing on a larger screen is so much nicer. it’s a cool game.

I feel the need every time I play a game to say how pleased I am, feeling like the smartest person in the world. Oh this is such a joy that Tann lets us break his wonderfully crafted toy in all the way he could think of.

The game is just a java library, so maybe you can get the .jar out of your phone, and double click it and it will work for all I know!

Note also for those using it on multiple devices that you can sync your achievements by going to the “Stats” tab and using “Copy Achievements”/“Load Achievements”. Note that loading achievements adds the achievements to any others you’ve unlocked already on the device so you never lose progress (I use a Google Keep note to pass around my current Achievements).

I want to play it on my Deck, but it’s not on Steam yet. :(

That is fantastic, thanks for sharing it!

Do you know how to find the files on android? When I plug in my phone via usb, I can see other folders but not the one that contains slice and dice. Well, I found one that has Slice and Dice in the name, but it looked empty.

Last time I used an android phone was 10 years ago, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask (and on top of that, I was just browsing everything until I was finding my photo library or whatever).
I’m guessing it might be limiting your access through simply plugging the phone to some shared folder. I had to use some tools to dig into the entrails of my xperia back then.

I was going to ask, does he have no plans to release it on Steam?

It doesn’t need to be, but see this from the Discord :

While trying to get slice and dice working on the steam deck, myself and another user discovered an issue with the current download of the windows build. When opening the zip file on windows, the files extract as expected, but when opening that file on a linux machine it extracts the files in the jre folder with the path as part of their filename. For example, instead of the file “java.dll” being in the folder jre/bin/, the zip file creates a file named jre\bin\java.dll. I don’t know what program you are using to create the zip files, but I was able to solve this issue by extracting the folder on windows and then re-creating the zip file, using both the built in windows zip tool and 7zip.

We also stumbled on an old comment talking about the same thing: Post by the pugilist in Slice & Dice comments -
It seems like something in your build process has changed, but in a specific way that only breaks it on linux.

The good news is, once the zip file has been fixed, playing the game on linux is as easy as adding the .exe to steam and then in compatibility settings forcing proton. <:feenP:814619898164150312>

@TurinTur he does, but no idea when. He doesn’t respond to questions about it.

From the OP

That’s just a generic Discord link, no info there.

Thanks, updated the previous part with the message text.

Damn, I almost beat the final battle on normal difficulty, standard mode. I had a spell to resurrect my top most dead guy, but I had 1 to little mana and my mana generator died. I had an item that canceled out the mana generation on my other guy. I thought I had the win this game!

I ended up buying it on PC too - much better than on my phone.

You will get there.

Finally got a chance to play this on my phone properly and, damn, yeah, this is going to be great. Instantly bought and looking forward to playing more. Might even be able to get my girlfriend on to this…