Slice & Dice (by tann), my new GOAT (roguelike dice tactics game)

That’s just a generic Discord link, no info there.

Thanks, updated the previous part with the message text.

Damn, I almost beat the final battle on normal difficulty, standard mode. I had a spell to resurrect my top most dead guy, but I had 1 to little mana and my mana generator died. I had an item that canceled out the mana generation on my other guy. I thought I had the win this game!

I ended up buying it on PC too - much better than on my phone.

You will get there.

Finally got a chance to play this on my phone properly and, damn, yeah, this is going to be great. Instantly bought and looking forward to playing more. Might even be able to get my girlfriend on to this…

I just keeps on giving new funny modes to vary the pleasure and the length and… what a wonder.
I just got introduced to the “Bramble”, and boy, was I close to regret picking up that +2 monster regen malus for my hard run!

I don’t think I’ve played many dice-based games in the past and yet between this and Betrayal at Club Low, it’s all about the dice at the moment.

Thanks for the thread and subsequent nudge on this @Misguided. Glad to have heard of the Android version too! Feels great on there.

A very good team for bashing Hexia at the end of Run 2 of Blursed

That moment when you realize that curse you took that isn’t a big deal suddenly becomes a VERY big deal. Happened to me recently with +2 on the two right monster sides (on an unfair run, I think?). That’s where summon faces tend to be…

But yeah, that sounds nasty, lol

@geggis I was worried that being dice-based would turn people off, but I’m glad so many have given it a try. It deserves all the attention it can get.

The run 3 team

my issue is the graphics, not the lower quality per se, but the fact that things are so blocky I am having trouble actually telling what I am looking at. can’t just make it bigger either then it looks worse.

I guess there are some symbols that look alike, but I think that’s more of a factor when starting out. Otoh, I still hover over stuff to remember what it does, but there are a LOT of symbols.

I think it’s more the fact that on my big ass monitor I have to either play in a tiny window or I can’t see what I’m looking at because it’s too big. definitely a mobile design, but I don’t have an android.

normal sized monitors superiority once again demonstrated!

Iirc, you can freely resize the window. Perhaps that would help?

Are there 3 loops/runs like the three acts in Slay the Spire, so 36 floors (roughly, you don’t have to tell me if there are secret floors)?

I played the demo and beat it on Hard. Pretty fun. It will have to wait though, too much else going on.

No. Although there are various modes, i won’t say more, and an incentive to complete multiple successive successful runs in the form of a leaderboard.

The full game has 20 encounters, which get more challenging. I beat the demo on normal on 1 try but have yet to beat the full game on normal after 5 or 6 tries. Maybe I just suck though :-)

I just noticed this
Screen Shot

Edit: and I just tried it, and it doesn’t seem to hide anything!

I think that is for the dice that show when inspecting characters.

@TimJames always 20, but there’s a mode that starts at 8, and others that repeat 20 endlessly until failure