Slightly Mad Studios lives up to its name by announcing a console

			    Slightly Mad Studios lives up to its name by announcing a console
			      Nick Diamon, January 2, 2019
			         | News              

Slightly Mad Studios, the British independent creators behind Project Cars and a slew of other racing games, has announced a new console. The Mad Box, as company owner Ian Bell calls it, will be “the most powerful console ever built” and will support all the bells and whistles a console gamer will want three years from now when the hardware launches. For developers, the console will come with a free game engine, although it’s not clear if that means fully free with no revenue sharing, or if there are back-end licensing fees.
Is it an early April Fool’s gag? According to Bell, it’s not a joke. Speaking to Variety, Slightly Mad’s CEO stated the Mad Box will be standalone hardware like the Xbox or PlayStation.


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They already tried a profit sharing Kickstarter project before Fig came around. Maybe they’ll set a trend and everyone will release their own official console box to play their games.


The next step after publisher-exclusive client storefronts.



Well, these days, if you can build for it with Unity and Unreal, you capture 90% of the market.


Ahh, excellent. It’s been a while since a console was announced that was already predestined for failure. Looking forward to hearing this discussed in the same terms as the Phantom and the Colleco Chameleon in the months and/or years to come.


Yea this is nuts.


The Ataribox resents your lack of memory


Well, a lot more people are talking about Slightly Mad studios than were before. Since everybody (rightly) assumes it’s a terrible idea that’s doomed to failure, there isn’t much harm in cancelling it / letting it slowly die and never mentioning it again.

So, PR mission accomplished, I guess?


Don’t forget the Amica.


The king:


In the immor[t]al words of Fernando, “It is better to look good, than to feel good, know what I mean, my friend?”


Oh, wow.


This is stupid and will ship or end well.


Slightly Stupid Studios?


The reply with the Simpson’s Homer car is right on the nose.


I’m trying to figure out the play here. These guys are definitely never shipping an actual console, so what are they really trying to accomplish? Do they expect to get some big VC to give them tons of money? Is it a buy-out play?

Or did they see the Phantom, Gizmondo, Ouya, and Steam PC and think: I gotta get me some of that action!


Don’t forget Linux!

(I know it’s not a console, but still…)


I mean there’s no such thing as real magic, so this is going to be a $2000 “console,” which is really just a high-end PC. I really, really, don’t get it.


We blurred the internals because, well, it’s actually empty.