Slime Knights

It’s a neat promotion for Dragon Quest VIII. You sign up, do “quests,” get prizes. It’s neat. And if you want to put me down as the guy that referred you, same nickname as I have here, well, that’d be neat too.

In other news, does anyone have the demo of this yet? How is it? My anticipation is quickly mounting.

We had a thread about it awhile back.

I have two copies of the demo, I grabbed an extra in a vain hope that I would be able to garner a slime keychain. Hasn’t shown up yet, :( .

It’s nice. DQ style meets Level 5 polish. It nails what a modern day RPG should have for a world map. Open, lush, seamless, full of waterfalls, and caves, and god knows what else.

I think the demo is wonderful and the game is a fantastic throwback that reminds me of Wizardry in a free-roaming world. The monster designs are excellent and the vistas, even in the demo, are superb. If the whole game lets you go wherever you can see, which is what really impressed me in the demo, then I’m going to really love the final game.


I’m working on an article about those guys. It’s run by fanpimp, and uh, yeah.

Mine arrived in the mail today, so be patient.

Yes! I got TWO keychains today in the mail. Well, the package has two inside anyway. :)