Slime Rancher (exactly as it sounds!)

End of year roadmap in to 2019 (1.4.0 patch):

Wiggly Wonderland 2018
Wiggly Wonderland returns for 2018 and with it comes a festive event to celebrate the end of another year on the Far, Far Range where you will receive a daily visit from the twinkle slime.
Few ranchers have ever even glimpsed a twinkle slime, with most believing it to be a legend, but those that have know it’s real. Some believe that if you find a twinkle slime it will leave you with a gift to collect.

Free for the next 2 weeks on the EPIC store.


I loved this game. Great with kids too.

Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

Oh hey, thanks for the heads up. I think I have it through Games for Gold on Xbox, but I never tried it out.

Got it during a steam sale last year. Great game.

Love this game (got it from a Humble Monthly eons ago) - some of the best laid back exploration ever. All this free post-release support has been very impressive, though I’m sort of waiting for a critical mass of new stuff before getting sucked back in.

This free update hits today!

Hmmm , I’ve become addicted to this game as of late, its really good.

Damn Tabby slimes getting in my enclosures.

Nice night!

Party slime thing, gave me presents when I fed it.

Ornaments I’ve found in boxes so far…

Puddle Slimes are the best, super low maintenance.

Some farming, oca oca on the left plot, onions and carrots on the right. In the back is an incinerator and next to that a chicken/hen coop.

There is also a bit of upgrade the ranch / hq / base going on, with the Z-club stuff. Making the place look pretty nice.

I am only Skylark I in the club, gotta get to selling more plorts.

Such a great, relaxing game. I played this for many, many hours a couple of summers back. The base upgrades actually become pretty significant over time.

I am glad I got around to this, like 3 years after I bought it, heh.

They just keep adding stuff to it, no shame in being late to the party.

Here’s my old ornament collection:

Most impressive, I have to go unlock the lab area next, 10,000 coins.

Ah, a whole new layer of fun awaits you! I really like some of the things you can unlock with the research barn.

I wonder what Monomi Park is up to these days? They’ve got one heck of a line of good will credit with me.

His next project goes live in November.

Ha! Well, I guess we’ll both be similarly busy at roughly the same time, then. It’s funny, I was just thinking this would be a great one to play with the kid somewhere down the road.

Great game, I’d rank it up there with Subnautica in terms of enjoyment of the mechanics and story.

Really enjoyed the last area and the mechanic introduced there, I am pretty sure I activated all the flowers and it looked amazing.


I won’t spoil anything hopefully posting this, as its more of a glhf endgame starts now screen. :)

Looking at achievements, its sad to see only around 16% of all owners finished this game.

There’s actually still a fair bit of stuff to do, in all likelihood. Have you found the vaults, for example?

1 so far, haven’t opened it yet.

Huh, so this was one of the Games with Gold some time back and I just never tried it. Worth a look then?