Sling Box Question sorta?

I have a cellular modem that only allows 5gb a month and I was wondering if I was to hook up a sling box would I reach my download limit in the first couple of hours or could I use it for a few hours a week? I would primarily use it to watch football or basketball when my wife drags my ass to the mall.

50KB/sec (180MB/hour) is what I’d call the minimum watchable bandwidth for slinging. That’s 27 hours to hit 5GB. The more bandwidth you have, the better the video quality. If your home connection can handle 100KB/sec, the video will look much, much better.

I tried out sling player mobile (pics and a short video) over wifi on my pocketpc at 500kbps and yeah I would say it’s sort of watchable.

So when is there a Sling Player for the iPhone?