Slipper revolution in Belarus

Apparently the current scale of public assembly is unprecedented :

Some concern whether this is being orchestrated by Putin to reign in Lukashenki, as the main opposition leader is a former Gazprom employee, or if this is a genuine, grassroots thing that would hurt Putin.

Russia has apparently been pushing for an anschluss with Belarus for a while.

All very interesting, and relevant because eif the Russia connection and also because I may be visiting Minsk in October or November.

Where is Lukaschenko in the Russia camp? For a while he wanted to practically be a Russian state, but in recent years wasn’t he thumbing his nose at them?

My understanding is that this is correct.

Most recently, with corona virus, he basically said Putin was full of shit and that Russia was crawling with the virus.

He also said vodka kills the virus though…

This sounds really ominous.

“It feels like shit”

Does Lukashenko look a lot like Jimmy Doohan there?

Sort of a James Doohan / Brian Dennehy mashup