Is it going to be any good or is it going to suck?

I don’t think those are mutually exclusive, depending on your definition of ‘good.’

It looks to have a lot of promise from the previews I saw, they seem like they pull off the horror comedy thing, so I have my fingers crossed.

Man, I loved Tremors. That was a fun movie, if I remember correctly.

Oddly enough, the only time I heard about Slither was via movie posters in SWAT 4: Stetchkov Syndicate. At least, I think that was the movie ad I saw.

When I saw an ad for it, it had a writhing penis-like slimey thing crawling into a bathtub with a woman, with the tagline “what do you have inside of you” or something like that. God, it looked dumb.

But I just saw a trailer for it and it looks like it’s more campy horror scifi. I dunno, look terrible but also entertaining, exactly like Tremors, as mentioned.

It looks terrible, but I’m glad to see any member of the Firefly cast getting work.

Lizard King will tell us after it comes out.

I’ll see it this weekend, it looks like a good blast of unapologetic fun.

Why not kill the suspense and tell us right now? Such a tease.

I’m ready for tentacle sex to hit the West. bring it on baby

It will suck, be full of cat-in-the-closet and ONOS THEY ARE GOING TO GET HER OH THEY DID and the slug things will be ass CG.

If The Hills Have Eyes was just an excuse to see full on rape under the pretense of a monster movie, Slither is just an excuse to see high school hotties have semi-phallic spermy slugs slide down their throats.

By comparing it with the rape scene in The Hills Have Eyes you make “semi-phallic spermy slugs sliding down high school hotties’ throats” sound like a bad thing.

Hell, they should put this on the posters. Now I kinda want to see it.

Snakes In A Tub!

Slugs in a tub!

Tub Slugs!

You either want to see that, or you do.

This is doing VERY well so far on Rotten Tomatoes.


[SIZE=1]* The naked teen girl can stay, though.[/SIZE]