Slitherine Announces Gladius - Relics of War


Thanks, BBB.


With IG I’m a bit more boring. Basilisks for a very long time, tends to provoke the enemy into attacking me, at which point the defensive lines chew them up.

Then when their armies are mostly dead it’s Leman Russ time.

Infantry with kraken grenades could do he job, but inhibitors that works best on the first opponent you fine, i.e. early game, and you need quite are few squads (say 10) to surround the citadel, krak grenade, cycle them out for fresh kraks.

Assault marines work better here because you can surround quicker, via jump jets.

I’d need to double check if they get krak grenades or meltas actually.


Slitherine sent me a 47% off coupon today, so of COURSE I bought this. Still playing the intro scenario, but wow, me likey a lot.


The development team posted a Status Update a few days ago. Among other things it says:

Do you plan to add more content?

Yes. We’re already working on it. Gladius will be a long journey, one that has just begun. You can expect news soon. To give a more detailed answer, we plan to keep polishing the game and our support will be constant and frequent. Alongside frequent updates, we have plans to expand the game and add lots of new content. We have so many ideas ourselves, and many more that you guys gave us.

Do you plan to add more races?

Yes :) we do. There are several races that we plan to add in Gladius. They will definitely come. Needless to say, each one of them will have a unique approach to the gameplay, just like the existing playable factions. We know you guys would love to have your favourite faction added to the game, and we’ll do our best not to disappoint you.

Great news. I’m looking forward to more races to play with.


Apropos of nothing, what is your folks favorite unit? For Space Marines, I love the Land Speeder, and for Imperial Guard I love the Leman Russ Battle Tank. I haven’t played the others enough to have strong opinions.


I can’t comment on favorite units until I get more late-game time with stuff that flies!



I haven’t put enough hours in or played all of the factions yet, but for early game I really enjoy the Scout Bikers, even though they’re a bit fragile. I love their mobility and how “metal” they are. Opinion is likely to change in time.


I like the Scout Bikers too. The Land Speeders are fun as well. I like all three of the Space Marine Hero units. Plus, I’m a fan of the regular Tactical Space Marines.

As for the Necrons, while I played a regular sized game to the point where I controlled about 2/3rds of the map and then stopped deciding I’d largely won, I still haven’t really played with their top tier stuff. Their regular Warriors are very solid and dependable and the Tomb Blades are fun zipping about – although I think they’re more fragile than the Space Marine Land Speeders.

I haven’t played with the Imperial Guard enough to get to know most of their units, and haven’t played as the Orks at all yet.


The Monolith is pretty cool.


Tank Commander.

He. can. run. over. units.

That is amazing.


My favorite unit was the marine thunderhawk. Extraordinary speed and hitting power, tough enough to take a hit, good range…what’s not to like?


I played the IG quest to the end…and one nit out of 20+ ran away and hid somewhere, so i failed…ugh.


Thunderhawk is IG I thought.


Space Marine Fortress - I understand that if I claim one of the special resources on the map and put down a Fortress next to it I get the bonus of that resource.

Do I also get anything from the other normal hexes around the Fortress? Is there any kind of upgrade for a fortress (better weapons or more resources generated)?


Yes and no, respectively. :)

Space Marines can fold resources into their HQ territory like everyone else. And the game isn’t the least bit interested in making you do stuff to boost your economy. You’re here to make stuff fight each other, not to play quartermaster!



I am fooling around with an Ork campaign and just got a Gorkonaut into action. The model and animation alone are awesome.


In the final research tier, you can add missiles to the fortress.



You know you have been playing too much Warhammer when you go to put food in your parrot’s food dish and you shout “Seeds for the Seed God!”


Sounds like just the right amount to me.