Slitherine Announces Gladius - Relics of War


Thunderhawk is IG I thought.


Space Marine Fortress - I understand that if I claim one of the special resources on the map and put down a Fortress next to it I get the bonus of that resource.

Do I also get anything from the other normal hexes around the Fortress? Is there any kind of upgrade for a fortress (better weapons or more resources generated)?


Yes and no, respectively. :)

Space Marines can fold resources into their HQ territory like everyone else. And the game isn’t the least bit interested in making you do stuff to boost your economy. You’re here to make stuff fight each other, not to play quartermaster!



I am fooling around with an Ork campaign and just got a Gorkonaut into action. The model and animation alone are awesome.


In the final research tier, you can add missiles to the fortress.



You know you have been playing too much Warhammer when you go to put food in your parrot’s food dish and you shout “Seeds for the Seed God!”


Sounds like just the right amount to me.


Is the quest system basically just a guide to get you going? Seems they aren’t storyline or random quests, but things like build this buildings, generate this much resource, etc. haven’t gotten very far in a serious game, buts that all they have been so far.


I think it’s more their way of telling a story about the planet. There are going to be a lot more quests telling you to go to random locations or explore different things. I thought the quests were kind of cool, but they are potentially unbalancing, so I would say play them to explore a WH40K story about the planet, but be aware that they can really mess up your current game.

They don’t necessarily play fair (particularly at the end). So realize that you may lose the game by following the quests, or save scum.


DLC announced Reinforcement Pack, along with an imminent 1.1 patch

[1.1 Patch]

This is rapidly becoming my GOTY, so thanks @Sonoftgb for the discount code, and @tomchick for the “fun” comment. It has a real Fantasy General vibe for me personally.



DLC is day one purchase.


Yep. I’m in for all the DLC they can muster. But there is the Battlestar DLC too. Not sure which is getting my time this weekend.


Time, feh, both will get my money.


Same. I think Gladius is going to win out for time. I have not played a game since the AI patch left beta. The DLC seems like a perfect time to give it a go.


Anybody tried the AI patch?

I’m quite vary of it since it’s made by same community member who ‘fixed’ their previous game Pandora’s AI, making it play the game perfectly (thus hyper aggressive). (In fairness, can’t blame him for creating an AI to perfectly suit his own play style when they allowed him to)

Now, probably a lot of people like the challenge, but that is not my thing. I found the Gladius AI quite competent as it is, not perfect but that means I don’t have to play perfectly either.


I believe the guy you mentioned (called Ail? ) has been tweaking the AI but only the higher levels.

I was played gladius on default difficulty because it was fun that way.

But fair play to those who want max difficulty AI to provide an actual challenge.

My impression was that the Base Ai wasn’t any better at higher difficulties and only got a loyalty bonus, no resource bonus or anything.


This now cracked the top 5 on my wishlist. You don’t really need to be a Warhammer fan to appreciate this, right?


IMO no. It’s a quality game with interesting mechanics; Warhammer is a skin. One that’s thematically well used (which is important for Atmosphere IMO).


Good. I don’t have anything against Warhammer. I just don’t really know much about the lore at all - even though I’ve played a couple Warhammer PC games.