Slitherine Announces Gladius - Relics of War


Why not train more synapse creatures? It seems to me that’s how the game is supposed to be played: a large swarm that consists of clusters of non-synapse units grouped around one or two synapse units.


Mostly because it’s annoying with an army that’s almost entirely melee?

I mean it doesn’t matter much currently because Zoanthropes are one of the only two units you’ll ever really make anyway.


Grabbed this on sale Friday and have really enjoyed it this weekend. It’s similar enough to Civ that I only did about a half our or so of the tutorial thingy, took a break for chores, then jumped right in. I’ve played a few games but never more than an hour or two before starting over. Each time I know enough to feel like I’m making progress and not doing something stupid, but I still learn new little things and then eventually start over with this knowledge. So far really impressed and don’t miss the diplomatic side at all. The research tree is deep enough while being streamlined. Very much worth it so far, especially on sale.


Nothing beats Rescue on Fractalus for the C 64. :)


I did pick up the Tyranid DLC recently and have been playing with them. Really enjoying mulching *gaunts to accelerate building construction/tech up and then applying Hive Tyrant lead swarms to my problems…


Chaos Space Marines coming June 20th.


Has anyone played recently, I know they patched the Tyranid DLC so it was a more balanced faction.

Also it looks like the new Chaos Marine dlc is 28% off if you own all the other game content.


Anyone surprised by Chaos?

Anyway, I bought this, played it, enjoyed it immensely, shelved it, unshelved it and was baffled by everything. :(


I’m not seeing that discount level. Just the 10%. Do you have to own the soundtrack and wallpaper DLC too?


Yeah it says I own 6 of 7 items in the complete edition. :)


Lk this is on sale atm — what do you think? is the base game a worthy champion of turn based tactics? I always liked the Tau in this universe and they haven’t arrived yet I guess.


As a city builder, it’s pretty average but it shines in small unit tactics. If you liked the Warlock series, you’ll notice a similar vibe.


It is an turn based RTS (Yes I know that Oxymoronic) with respectable AI. I enjoyed it a lot, but I don’t know if the DLC is interesting enough for me to bother. It made a fair number of top 10 list last year, including my own.


I think it’s a great game. Steam says I’ve got 84 hours in so far. Just be aware that it’s all fighting. There’s no diplomacy.

Other than that as @Strollen says, it’s got quite a good AI. The units are good and varied and the tech tree is deep enough that you’ll end up getting a good range of units every game. You’ll need to wait until you’ve researched quite a bit to unlock all the units. All the sides play quite differently.

I’d strongly recommend it if you like turn-based strategy and like WH40K. But even for those that don’t know WH40K, its a very fun game.


agree. this is a great game. all the way through. can’t really fault it


The fact that there is no diplomacy makes it a better game. Most 4x are horrible in terms of diplomacy options.


PIcked this up in the sale, started a tutorial game, almost immediately had all my units enslaved. What. The. Fuck? I really have very little patience for inane difficulty spikes, is this some amazing stroke of bad luck or something typical for this game?


Sounds like an enslaver got you, I’d try again, fear the terrors of the warp.


Yeah, I know. Right out of the gate it seems basically impossible to do anything about those. Is it just bad luck to have one spawn in the tutorial, or is it always there?


They are always near relics from what I’ve seen in streams. No idea about the tutorial.