Slitherine Announces Gladius - Relics of War


The AI seemed competent, but truthfully it didn’t hold my interest long enough to really make a final determination.


I’ve passed on the many recent 40K games because they were all pretty much scenario-based. I may still get this game because, while not a true 4-X, it at least provides a campaign that isn’t a chain of static scenarios linked together. And it is TBS.

Thanks for your thoughts @Sonoftgb, I’m not sure why I didn’t think to wait and ask you about them after the NDA expired.


I still think the game looks like a 40K clone of the old Warlock, Master of the Arcane. Same type of combat and city building. Same lack of diplomacy. Same type of hero units and combined arms, healing, etc…

I’d be happy to play a game like that for $20. Not so much for $45. Slitherine does itself no favors with its pricing, imo.


You’re welcome. And as someone posted, with the review embargo lifted, the NDA probably is as well.


I do wonder about the faction choices. Partly that’s because of all the 40K factions, I like the Orks the least, but it seems a bit weird to have these particular four going at it, especially as two are Imperial. I mean, I realize there’s tons of competition and infighting in the Imperium, but it would seem to make more sense to have the Imperium itself as one faction, against Chaos, Orks, Eldar, Necrons, whatever.I guess they wanted Space Marines in there, but really those would seem to be more suited for special troops you’d build/recruit, than a faction. Admittedly, I haven’t actually looked much into this game, as it seems sort of meh overall.


@TheWombat While I essentially agree on faction choice being odd, I am glad it’s not the usual suspects (well, Necron as the other three are almost always represented) again.

As to the game, I don’t really need a game to be diplomacy or other traditional Xs from 4x. I actually really like Sword of the Stars and other 4x light games that are essentially war games with a 4x sprinkle. To me they are like a slowed down RTS. Everybody fights while they compete over tech and resource progression until someone wins.

It seems like Gladius does this, and I am okay with that. Watching Airsickhydrahydra play a 1v1 game, it almost looked like an RTS with simultaneous “turns”. Maybe I am not fully grasping the dissappointment from @Sonoftgb testing. Or maybe I am just turned off by the non military elements of 4x nowadays. I find my middle age life doesn’t allow the luxury of the pacing and investment of a “true” 4x while my middle age reflexes don’t work well anymore with the frantic input requirements of an RTS. Maybe Gladius is the proper middle ground?


Could be; I have zero knowledge of the game, really. I kind of feel the same way you do about 4X, but I really would have preferred Chaos vs. Imperium. Hate greenskins; just so dufus like and goofy.


Oh yes. At four total factions, I think having both primary representatives of the Imperium of Man to be overkill. But some folks just love the guard.


I was weak.

Also, when Guardsmen meet Necron Warriors, it goes like you’d think. But there are an awful lot of us, and if you don’t kill us all the way, we keep coming back.

Unfortunately, now I’ve got that one Comissar song from the 80s in my head.


Falco or After the Fire? It’s important.


It was After the Fire.


I watched a bit of Tom’s stream, and the game looks fine. But as it was brought up earlier in this thread, I don’t see why I’d play this over Warlock.


I watched a bit of the stream too…I agree with left empty…there’s a host of other games i’d rather play

and when Tom said the ‘A.I.’ difficulty level was just adding resources, meh, we’ve seen that movie so many times before, they better stop calling it A.I…the year is 2018, NOT 1985



A positive review from Strategy Gamer:

A mixed review from PartyElite:


I’ve been enjoying myself! The AI seems competent- if nothing else, it retreats units when wounded, targets damaged units and attacks en masse, which goes a long ways towards giving you a fight. The factions definitely feel quite different, my Guard force seems very distinct from the Necrons.

I am happy about the lack of diplomacy. I don’t miss it a bit. I like watching the AI fight against itself, too.

I see it as a strong iteration on the Warlock formula- better than those games, in my opinion- with a solid 40k theme. Recommended.

To elaborate on the AI theme:

Best stuff it’s done: Attack in a wave of mixed units, targeting vulnerable units on the periphery. Fell back when damaged.

Worst stuff it’s done: Sometimes trades poorly- kills my unit at a risk of losing a more valuable one.

Ugliest stuff it’s done: There is an ability called “Bring it Down” that relies on the commissar using it being surrounded by friendly units. I’ve seen it use it twice while all alone, very inefficient. Now, most abilities seem to target either themselves individually or enemy units and have been used fine by the AI, but this one seems beyond its understanding.


You know, people are saying it’s like Warlock but 40k.

Oddly enough that makes me want to play it.

Warlock was fun, but it got tedious as he’ll moving more than 10 units, especially to new planes, which had choke points etc.


The comparison to Warlock is definitely an apt one. I just see it as a step up from there.


Pcgamer says you should play endless legends instead.



I love Endless Legend, but it is absolutely not a replacement for this. Endless Legend is really about city building and civilization management. Most folks hated the combat, and often just set it on auto. Even if you liked it, you generally only had a couple different units to manage. You could build a more diverse crew, but it was not generally worth it in my opinion.

This game is all about the combat, and you have many different types of units. There are fewer technologies, and they feel more individually significant than the ones in EL tended to. It’s just a different experience to me.

I’m playing a Space Marine game now and I’m really caving in a group of enemy Space Marines. I’m not sure, but I think they have been simultaneously fighting Necrons, and that has hurt them badly.


I’ve heard a criticism that the hero units are just way too powerful. Any thoughts on that from those who play it?