Slouching Toward the Next Generation: in the shadow of Killzone

Title Slouching Toward the Next Generation: in the shadow of Killzone
Author Scott Dobrosielsky
Posted in Features
When November 19, 2013

The Playstation 4 sold one million copies in 24 hours. It not only shattered the previous day one sales record, but torched the one week record in a single day. Sony had some last minute bad luck with the delay of Drive Club and Ubisoft's Watch Dogs..

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I hope Tom is as pleased with Rivals as I am. Yeesh, what a great game. It straddles the fence between next and current gen quite nicely, and makes me wonder what they'll be able to do with a strictly next gen system.

Have you downloaded the 1080p patch for AC4 yet? Because apparently that's gone live only recently.

Much like the PS3 (which I only got last year!) the real potential of the PS4 is in future exclusives. Sony has a better stable of first-party franchises than Microsoft, a better relationship with Japanese developers, and a larger backlog for PSN and up-scaled older titles. That last may not sound like much of a selling point--HD re-releases should be the epitome of lazy cash-ins--but playing games like God of War 2 and Shadow of the Colossus with better graphics and no slowdown is revelatory. I was astonished at how poor God of War 3 felt when I did a back-to-back playthrough of 2 & 3; I got used to it quickly enough, but 30 fps is no substitute for 60 fps.

So I'm not going to rush out and buy a PS4, but the potential for something great is there. We'll have to wait and see.

I think your thinking is sound; I don't understand why people rush out to buy new consoles, especially with such weak launch titles.

Yup the system automatically downloaded it yesterday, I honestly don't notice any dramatic increase in quality.

I'm guessing Resogun.

"Killzone[:] Shadow Fall"
It looks like a blank line is missing between "call it a day." and "Most of these gorgeous".
"blend in with your surrounding[s]"

You were of course correct.