Slouching Toward the Next Generation: leveling up in Powerstar Golf

Title Slouching Toward the Next Generation: leveling up in Powerstar Golf
Author Scott Dobrosielsky
Posted in Features
When November 30, 2013

I've equipped my Cyclone FG Pro irons, Superior Shadow wedges, TNT Mighty putter, Pulse Tee-Time balls, and my precious Mass Driver Woods..

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"purchase better gear" - I read this as "purchase battle gear". Maybe there is more to golf than I thought!

Also, when you said, "driving, approach shots, and putting", as first I thought you meant that driving golf carts was part of the game. Obviously, I am not a bowler.

More sports games need RPG powers.

Does the booster pack system of gear progression ever get annoying? It sorta bugged me that in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer I couldn't focus on improving the gun I enjoyed using.

"Mass Driver [w]oods"
"The current crop of six courses contain[s]"

So far the booster packs haven't gotten old mainly because there is so much gear out there. Sets, cosmetic stuff, etc. I think it's a very good way of handling gear for a game like golf.

I just picked this up during the 25% off sale, and I'm not much of a golfer either.. but I seriously suck something fierce when it comes to putting. I've tried 10-15 times to beat the Illusionist and I just can't do any better than breaking even with him, even with upgrades. I've got a solid handle on ball spin, judging wind, knowing when to chip, etc., but as soon as I land on the green it turns in to a nightmare and I blow my lead over and over again. I'm liking the reward system and the game as a whole, but man.. putting is brutal.

So is this game any good? It looks like Everybody’s Golf.

The posts are from seven years ago.

You know, just after Star Citizen started.

I think this came back to the top because of a spammer who got insta-nuked. I got excited when I saw it because I thought maybe there was a second version coming and it might be on PC.

oh whew, i was wondering why it got bumped!..i posted a response to the comment from cheapbossattack, and after i posted i realized it was from 7 years ago, so i deleted the comment.

bad mistake on my part. super embarrassing. good to know why it was bumped tho ; )

To be fair, it was a pretty decent looking post if you didn’t notice they were replying to a 7 year old post out of the blue. They even bothered plugging in an xbox gamertag.

the embarrassing thing is that i wrote the feature lol

so i was mortified at the possibility people thought i was bumping my own shit for absolutely no reason.