Slouching Toward the Next Generation: meet the Playstation 4

Title Slouching Toward the Next Generation: meet the Playstation 4
Author Scott Dobrosielsky
Posted in Features
When November 17, 2013

I kicked off the Playstation 4 launch just like any other day. I got up and went to work. I didn't attend any midnight launch events. I didn't wait in line at my local Best Buy..

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Not surprising. As I've commented before, launch is rarely a good time to buy in to a console. The games lineup isn't there, the price is as high as it's going to be, the availability's quite possibly going to be low, and you're going to get any technical issues they didn't work out before shipping.

I also wouldn't expect revolutionary improvements from a next-gen machine at this point.
1) PCs have had "next gen" power for years now, so if you've been gaming on PC, the PS4 -might- be able to outclass the machines of today (not sure about that, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt), but you're still going to have seen games run much closer to that than previous gen systems.
2) We're at a point where hardware horsepower means increasingly less in terms of unlocking the potential of games, so a "next gen" title might be prettier and maybe have more physics, but the real innovation is going to be happening in design, and that could turn up on virtually any system at all.

How does Black Flag run, though? My biggest peeve with console Assassin's Creeds was the performance; playing Brotherhood on my PS3 mostly made me want to put up with UbiDRM to get a decent frame rate.

PC Pride Worldwide!
(Goes downstairs and plays PS3 version of Diablo 3)
Anyway, it's nice to see that the console cycle has caught up to my desktop PC. Unfortunately, we now have to deal with the 1+ years it takes for the games to catch up. I didn't buy a PS3 until RB1 came out for it, and all of the games I have for it (with the exception of Super Stardust, which I haven't played in years) are late releases.

I think you're right on all fronts.

I have a 3 year old PC, I upgraded the fx card last year to an Nvidia GTX 670, it runs most things incredibly well. When I fire up Battlefield 4 on ultra and it just looks amazing. I haven't seen Battlefield on the PS4 so I can't compare, but none of the AAA titles I have seen look nearly as good as my PC.

Like I said in my post the PS4 is a nice machine, but you just don't see the technical leaps you used to see from console generation to console generation. I find it hard to really make a case for it as it stands now.

Black Flag runs great! And it looks pretty good, but you can just tell it's a previous gen port. Those aging engines really aren't getting the most out of the PS4.

I think Infamous is the big title people are waiting for. If that turns out to be bad, then I really can't see any exclusive on the horizon that's going to get people fired up.

It's going to take a year or so for these new consoles to show off their abilities. Launch games rarely inspire, right?

"[B]est [B]uy"
"Electronic[s] Boutique"
"with a[n] update ready to download"
"[F]rostbite engine"
"PS [P]lus"

It seems like the majority of people who blog about games have actually started to believe that launch line up games are representative of what a system can do. Are these people so new to gaming that they really don't know that it takes years before a console becomes tapped? Look at the difference between and launch PS3 game and The Last Of Us, and launch 360 game and Halo 4, and launch PS2 game and God of War 2... I could go on and on with this. I would hate to live in the shitty fantasy land that these people seem to exist in because everything sucks there.