Slow downloads from XBL Marketplace

Saw this today: Microsoft has a download test and survey up regarding download speeds for Xbox Live Marketplace downloads.

Since quite a few people here have complained about files taking forever to download, I thought it was worth a post. Might help you troubleshoot.

As for me - I can download their two test files at around 250-300KB/sec, which is decent but not the fastest I’ve seen my connection go by a far stretch.

I download both files at around 300KB/sec, which is not all that much slower than normal for me.

I downloaded both test files at 1,200 k/s. Yes, 1.2 megs per second.

When I downloaded, for instance, the outfit demo (which was about 400 megs), it took 4 hours. All the marketplace stuff comes down this slow for me.

Yeah, the tracert and ping results were fine, the test downloads basically hit the speed cap, and yet the Marketplace downloads still take forever.

Well, fill out the survey linked on that page, with those results, and your ISP name and such.

Ditto for you, I guess. :)

I’m basically in the same boat. I could get the test files just fine, and sometimes a marketplace download goes super fast, and other times it takes forever. So I filled out the form, and hopefully they can work with comcast to figure out what’s up.

Yes, I did fill out the form.

I wish I could tell them the incredible amount of speed loss I get. The only option was “slow downloads”.

I’m using comcast as well.

When I downloaded it ( about a day afterreleasse) it took a half hour or less, I dunno exactly how long because I was watching TV.

Will fill this out tonight, i have the same issue, Marketplace downloads take FOREVER.


My problem on my X360 was’nt that the downloads took forever… the downloads never completed at all.

Arcade games - OK
Videos - nope
demos - nope

Called tech support?

Emailed them, did’nt find them very helpfull so I did’nt bother using those features anymore.
Any time you contact MS and get a link to a KB article…

I did try the test pages recently though, and the downloads were ok from my PC, they just fail from the 360.

shrug since you apparently like having features not work, I hope that is satisfying for you.

I think that interpretation was a bit of a stretch. There’s a difference between “I like having it not work” and “It sucks that it’s broken but it would suck worse to jump through a million hoops to fix it.”

I hate calling tech support too, but I think jumping through one million hoops is a mild overstatement.

Considering DLC is one of the main features of the 360, I certainly wouldn’t want to be without it, cuz I paid for it. Not to mention, this person has no problem posting about the problem repeatedly, but yet still can’t make a phone call to potentially fix it, either it’s not big enough to mention, or it’s big enough you should find out what is wrong.

Think you are onto something there. :-)

Having worked with customer support myself I came to the conclusion that this specific customer support incident would ‘drag on’…

Sure, game demos and videos are fun, but considering I find the entire “click - swoooosh - delay - click - swooosh- delay” system of the XBOX360 incredibly annoying… I figured that I would’nt spend time to get the issue fixed either, as long as the game works, as they say.

I’ll get it sorted eventually… [most likely when I start using the 360 more… currently my XBOX is used 90% of the time, PS2 9%, 360 1% and GC 0%]

Well, the Marketplace was a feature that should work out of the box, and there is no real reason for it not working when I download videos vs. arcade games, I figured its a bug that microsoft will fix eventually and I’m not gonna spend a lot of time troubleshooting it from my end when others can use it.

“posting about it repeatedly” makes it sound as if I’m posting about it everywhere. Where its relevant I’ll post my experience with it, and I wish it worked. You also make it sound as if a simple phone call would solve the issue, which I find highly unrealistic, sure after spending a LOT of time and being asked all the silly questions MAYBE you could go into more troubleshooting, but I believe that a well constructed email where the problem/symptoms are posted will give better results (Even if those results are a KB article and being asked to connect your XBOX “directly” to the internet…)

“Either it is not big enough to mention” or “it is big enough to get fixed” sounds like a ultimatum.

I want to get it fixed, and I will fix it eventually, in the meantime I’ll have it “in my head”.

Perhaps the reasons I’ve posted it the way I did was that I am unhappy that it does not work, and with the annoying ‘slides’ on the XBOX360 its a negative feel that I express. But I can sweeten it by, if there is a mention of the problems again, “I wish it would work though, since its a great feature!”.

Seeing as it works for every single other 360 owenr I know, expecting microsoft to fix an issue that only you seem to be having just as a matter of course is a pretty odd strategy.

But like I said, as long as having stuff not working makes you happy, who am I to get in the way?

Well, I know (of) many it does not work for, see the link to the thread on the XBOX forums.

See, I even looked up the forum in an attempt to fix the issue as well as using internet search engines to find out more on the problem, so I’m not sitting on my ass and complaining about it not working. I am actually trying to get it working (slowly) while I’m complaining about it not working (while attempting to get it fixed (slowly) ).

This discussion now seems to go into the category previously reserved for hardware fanboys in defense mode, which has certain criterias that must be filled:

  • Someone mentions a problem
  • Fanboy has not seen the problem
  • Fanboy does’nt know anyone with the problem
  • Fanboy logic concludes that - since problem has not been seen personally, it does not exist.
  • Fanboy attacks poster with problem posting
  • War ensures.

Not saying that you are a fanboy, of course, just saying that this could be the criterias for being designated as such, although falsely in some cases.

Of course, I could then be designated a Microsoft Hater since I have written about negative experiences with their hardware/software.

… its a complex world.

I never said you were a microsoft hater or not, I merely noted that you are happy (you are happy right?), and your Xbox 360 doesn’t work.

I wish for your personal happiness over anything else, and if actually calling Microsoft in an attempt to make your 360 work the way it should would make you unhappy, then I’m totally in support of you not doing so.

If my 360 didn’t work, I’d be pretty pissed off, but obviously you are blessed with a level of patience I don’t have.

Well, i’m pretty impatient when it comes to PC issues… but with the console, i’m a different person. … + I’ve already smashed one limited edition controller and not gonna break the last one I have.

Wooden Table > Controller

As soon as there is something on the 360-marketplace I really want… you bet I’ll be fixing it… ignorance is bliss for the moment. I dont know what I’m missing, so I dont mind missing it either =)

The fight night demo alone was worth the price of admission, I’ve probably played that demo as much as I played the retail game.