Slow response from Google / YouTube?

So ever since yesterday, I could no longer play back YouTube videos AT ALL, on ANY of my devices (Mac, PC, Nexus 7, etc). I would get an “Error occurred loading this content” message. Since it was happening on all devices, I narrowed it down to either my router or my ISP (Comcast). This problem started yesterday, which is when I installed DD-WRT on my router, so I thought “hey, it COULD be the router”. I switch out my router with an older one and still got the error, so I decide the router is fine. I call Comcast, they checked a few things on their end and said it was probably my router. I was getting frustrated.

Then I looked at my setup. I have a Sprint AIRAVE femtocell sitting between the cable modem and the router. “That couldn’t be it, could it??” A quick internet search gave me my answer: the #$(%* Airrave had a firmware update pushed out that somehow screws with youtube traffic. Unbelievable. A call to the Airave tech support confirmed this and the solution is to connect the Airave directly to the router instead of between the cable modem and router.

So now my YouTube problem is solved and my Sat afternoon is wasted. Oh well. Just wanted to post this for other Airave users out there.