Slow running clock

I bought a new computer and it’s been running fine but occasionally the clock falls a couple of hours behind. I saw a post somewhere that said it was the CMOS battery going bad. It’s a new system so does anybody have any ideas on what could be going on? Any help appreciated


It may be a new system, but is it a new battery?

  • Alan

Did you have the correct time zone set up? XP syncs the time off the internet.

Otherwise, yeah, sounds like the CMOS battery. Very cheap to replace.

It’s probably the CMOS battery, but it’s still worth asking; Does the clock magically reset itself to the correct time whenever you reboot? In that case, it might be that Windows’ clock is running slow, due to some background task that mucking the OS’s timing routines, but that the CMOS battery is fine. I have that happen all the time running WinME, which I know is demon spawn, but I have seen it occasionally in WinXP too.

Thanks everyone for all the help. I was indeed a moron and had the time set to pacific time. I moved from California to Ohio about 5 months ago so even though I bought the computer in OH my subconscious must have been telling me something when I set the clock.

Thanks again.