SloWWWW gaming summer releases

There’s not much this month and there wasn’t much last month, in both consoles and pc. The only game I’ve had any fun with was Pirates of the Carribean. Pretty cool. But what else??! Tired of the War 3 expansion already (its good, just not in the mood for more rts warstyle). Dont think SWG is ready. Nothing on consoles seems interesting (arc the lad?!?). I guess KotoR is my only hope! Next week on xbox. Guess I’ll read up on some more fantasy til then… heard about that Hobbs or Nobbs guy being good… will have to finsih book 3 of firenice first.


You may be thinking of Robin Hobbs. I’ve enjoyed her 3 interlocking trilogies; I think the latest installment is “The Golden Fool.”

It’s an evil commie plot to get us outside. Luckily they didn’t figure on the Interweb! Muhahahahahaha!

Republic the revolution looks good. Not sure if that’s out this month though.

I’ve been waiting for KOTOR for a while. I hope it’s worth it.

What about playing some old titles? I’m almost done playing Undying and soon I’ll be firing up Kingpin. This might be the time to play thru some of the older titles that you might have missed.

Delayed until August 18th or so. Dammit!

Age of Wonders - Shadow Magic is due out by the end of the month. It’s basically a much “enhanced” version of Age of Wonders 2 that’ll bring the series as close to a MoM sequel as we’ve yet seen, most notably with the new Shadow Realm (ie Myrror) and Random Scenario Generator. 8)

Can’t wait.

I enjoyed Undying–great atmosphere, solid action. Kingpin will be something of a letdown after that, though.

Great books, especially the first trilogy and the current one.


Delayed until August 18th or so. Dammit![/quote]

I hope this doesn’t delay the PC version, which is the one I want anyway.

LOMAC can’t get here fuckin’ fast enough. Ship already, damnit!


Completely agree that Robin Hobb is awesome. She’s one of my favorite fantasy authors ever, easily.

Ape Escape 2 is clearly the best release of the summer though. Fan-freaking-tastic game. Warioworld & Mega Man Battle Network aren’t bad either – clearly, a good summer for platformers.

I loved the first one, but can someone corroborate this? I mean, I trust Rob and all, but I just want to be sure before I run out and buy it. :)


I loved the first one, but can someone corroborate this? I mean, I trust Rob and all, but I just want to be sure before I run out and buy it. :)


I was watching my kids play and it looked irritating to me – lots of jumps, lots of timing moves, no mid-level saves, etc. – all the reasons I hate platformers now. They like it, but it hasn’t entralled them the way Kingdom Hearts did.

Playing through System Shock 2 with the Rebirth mod. Playing Planetside off and on.

I’ve been playing a lot of Jumpgate, with sessions of Thief and Thief II on and off.

I was trying to remember what the full title of Undying was, and for a second I thought it really was Cleve Blakemore’s Undying. Heh.

I’m giving NOLF another try. But I think I will make it to the end this time.
Good game though.
Too long, of course, but good.

Wario World, Mega Man: Network Transmission and the Game Boy Player…along with Advance Wars 2… it hasn’t exactly been boring for game releases. May was way slower than June, but there’s been something good every month this year on Gamecube and PS2 at the very least.