Small HDTV monitor suggestions?

We need one or more HDTV monitors so that we can see the video output of our devkits. Additionally, we want it to have S-Video and RGB inputs, and picture-in-picture capability.

We’re looking for something small and not too expensive. It doesn’t need to have a tuner. We just want to see the freaking video output from the devkit, and maybe plug a Gamecube or PS2 up to it for fun after work.

Samsung LT-P1795W.

Got one at work – 2 Component HD inputs, 1 Svideo, 1 composite, and a tuner, VGA, and PiP that can go side by side or actually Picture In Picture.

Can’t look at 2 HD pictures at the same time though.

Ok, that’s kind of big.

So go for broadcast quality equipment!

8", HD-SDI, SD-SDI, RGBS, YPbPr, S-Video, Composite, and a waveform monitor!