Small speakers recommendations

so i got one of these dlp things off woot. gonna hook up a dvd player to it or possibly my ps2, then hook the dvd or ps2 to some speakers.

anyone have any recommendations on a pair of speakers, hopefully under $100 bucks possibly with a subwoofer? otherwise i’ll try using my laptop to play dvds and using my small computer speakers and subwoofer. as a speaker newbie, i am assuming computer speakers can’t be used since they don’t accept the red/white/yellow wire connector thingys.

You can’t hook a DVD player or PS2 directly to speakers. You need an amp too (that’s what the red and white plugs go to).

Here is a cheap and small but good amp to save you money for the speakers, and here is a pair of Best Buy house brand speakers that are supposed to be amazingly good for the money. You’ll also need some speaker wire, though, to connect the amp to the speakers.

But if you have a pair of computer speakers already (which usually contain their own little amp) and want to spend as little as possible, you should be able to work it with this kind of cable. Just plug the red and white plugs into the cable, then plug the cable into the computer speakers.

awesome! thanks! you saved me a ton of cash there with the little wire.

the t-amp must be good, it’s sold out at

It must be excellent, it’s sold out at Parts Express as well.

Though they claim it will be back in stock at the end of the month.