'small' turn-based strategy titles for PC

Man, I love the artwork in that game.

turn based strategy game where you run a country:
Not only is it budget ($22.95) and runs in a window, you can alt+enter to toggle to fullscreen in the flky. (all games should support this). Its popular, won awards, moddable etc.

ah yes, disclaimer -> I made it.

Pardon the self-promotional urge to pipe in and say that I was one of the artists on KoDP. Mostly I did compositional breakdowns though – the majority of the hard drawing was done by a great cartoonist/illustrator named Stefano Gaudiano, who is currently doing backgrounds and characters for Ed Brubaker’s Daredevil run.

Battle for Wesnoth is small and sweet if you like fantasy stuff.


that looks sweet, thanks!

Ok, this place isn’t cheap (in general), but some might like it, so I will post it here. Try:

They do PBEM games. Legends is the best one, IMO, but you have to pay by the turn. Still, it’s incredibly deep, strategic, and multiplayer.

<SelfPlug>I’d left out my own title on purpose, but since others broke the self-promotion barrier, I’ll go add my own title (Land of Legends) for completeness. Best 1-line description is “fantasy TBS akin to Advance Wars” but it’s by no means a clone.</SelfPlug>

Sorry for leaving out Democracy, Cliffski. I have to admit I still haven’t tried it. After all the good things I’ve heard from it and how active you are in the indie community, shame on me.

So I see at least a couple of titles from your suggestions I plan on getting. Any more?

Just leap off that Cliff! It’s well worth it for the solid turn based fun, challenge, wacky setting, and ]i]actual role playing[/i]. There’s nothing else quite like it, and if you’re into small offbeat things you’re missing out by not getting it.

I keep hoping to see more games similar to KoDP (especially multiplayer!), but alas no luck. I’ve been tempted to try to work it’s storied events into my current project, but damn there’s an insane amount of writing entailed.

I’d love to see KoDP available through Stardock or similar. I have too many
bad experiences with customs while ordering from other countries, so I’d
prefer a download version.

I like Wierd Worlds: Return to Infinite Space - except for it’s price.

It’s a fun, fast, and fairly attractive low key space adventure/exploration game that you can blaze through in 15 minutes. It’s not terribly deep and most of the fun comes from the random maps and just poking around watching things.

But the price they want for such a frivilious game just pushes my interest away. I can get Dungeon Siege 2 or something for that price, and have plenty of mindless fun in a game 100x as big in artwork and assets.

Falcom has been generous enough to distribute their PC strategy game, Vantage Master for free and in English. For people jonesing for the more Final Fantasy Tactics-esque SRPG, go here: http://www.falcom.co.jp/vantage/index_e.html

Falcom’s Lord Monarch is also available for free, though that game is a much more standard, expand your territory-type of strategy game and is available in English here: http://www.falcom.com/monarch/index_e.html


Man, so do I!

Oh wait…

It is sweet. It’s also incredibly hard. Min/maxing is a must.

Be sure to read the forums (sparsely populated as they are) to figure out the party build and strategy that best suits you.

Also, check out this link for a slightly outdated walkthrough/guide of the game. All the maps and quests are still accurate, as are the mechanics explanations. Some numbers have changed slightly, however, and there’s a new class in the most recent version that the site doesn’t cover.

Does Moonbase Commander count? And if so what’s wrong with you guys for not mentioning it yet?

Dungeon Delvers looks like it has potential. I’ll definitely give that a whirl when it’s ready.

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is one of those games I really wanted to love, but the randomness pulls the whole experience down. The game doesn’t give you a lot of information to base your decisions on, so it ends up being largely a process of visiting arbitrary planets and hoping for the best. On top of that, each game is so short that you don’t have time to compensate for mistakes, which makes it a bit frustrating. I haven’t played the sequel, though–does anyone know if it’s better in that respect?

I have weird worlds, it’s a good game, but if you didn’t like the randomness of Sa, then your not going to like this one. I never played the first one ,but this one, everything is pretty random, from events to what items you find.

Yeah, when I was beta testing the sequel to SAIS, I found myself not liking it due to the randomness either. Otherwise, I rather like the game.

So I did all I could to encourage them to cater to people like me somehow, even if they had to create a new ‘strategic’ (balanced) mode to go along with the established ‘adventure’ (random) mode. No dice.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if somebody in the mod community has made something that’s balanced, and where success doesn’t depend on finding one or two key items in the first couple of planets…

Problem for me was that I was beta testing it too, and by the time the game was released, I already seen and played just about every event they put into it.

Dang, ya beat me to it. Fantastic game if you can find a copy.

To me, the biggest issue with SAIS (which I liked btw), was that the entire outcome hinged to a great degree on how quickly you found the trader and what items they had on them.