Small World PBF

Having hatched in the main Dom3 thread, it’s time I created a thread for the first Small World PBF game! As of this writing, the following members have expressed interest in playing in Game 1:

To keep these games moving, players should aim to submit their turns no later than 24 hours after it becomes their turn.

Game 27 (Final Game Status image)
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Congrats to dfs on his victory!

Game 28 (Final Game Status image)
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Congrats to Funkula on his victory!

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Congrats to LSUtigers on his victory!

Game 31 (Final Game Status image)
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Congrats to Dave on his victory!

Game 32 (Final Game Status image)
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Congrats to Hans on his victory!

Game 33 (Final Game Status image)
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Vanilla + Grand Dames + Cursed! + Be Not Afraid… + Hidden VPs

Congrats to toddwf (from BGG) on his victory!

Small World can be played with either 2, 3, 4, or 5 players. Game 1 will be a 5-player game, so I would need the above players to reply to this thread confirming they would like to play in this game. If others are interested in playing, reply to this thread and you’ll be added to the list in case one of the players above you decides not to play.

Useful links:

Basic game discussion in Dom3 thread
Examples of 5-player map and Player Area at start of game in Dom3 thread
Official rules from Days of Wonder for Small World and most expansions
Headless Hollow’s Small World + Grand Dames + Cursed! game sheet
RangerRob’s Small World + all expansions (excluding Necromancer Island) quick reference sheet
Unofficial FAQ

“It’s a world of slaughter after all!”

Confirm me. I love Small World, and I think it’ll be grand to play it with a bunch of you boyz. Can you link us again to GIMP, or whatever it is that we need to use?

Exciting. Love a bit of Small World (though I suck). I shall watch with interest to see how the PBF works and what bizzare races you all end up with. It’s good that you’re sticking with Vanilla so it’ll be easier to keep up with - I was only aware of three expansions, and I’ve never played any of them as they’re a nightmare to lay your hands on in these parts.

Perhaps I’ll even throw my hat in after the first game’s done.

Never played, but I love board games. Throw me in if someone else backs out.


If you’re not the MC, you don’t need to use GIMP. The MC takes care of updating and posting the map after each player’s turn. For this game, though, I’ll be using Vassal with the Small World module for updates.


BTW, I’ll post an example of how you’d post your turn as a reply to this thread once we have 5 confirmed players.

[edit] Never mind!

I have no idea what PBF means but you guys always put out enough shenanigans in the game reports that this sounds like a great idea. :D

EDIT: wait just checked- this looks pretty crazy anyway- i will be interested to see how the first iteration plays out.

I’d love to get in on this if there’s a spot. Shame on you for having the initial discussion in the forum’s longest, least readworthy thread!

Shame on you, sir!!

Can you do this with the iPad version? (i’m at work and can’t check)

Sorry! I figured those who enjoy playing in our Dom3 games would enjoy playing SM via PBF. I assure you it was done merely for proper exposure to the right ner…er, members. :-)

You mean play a true MP game? If so, the iPad version supports only hotseat MP for 2 players.

Confirmed in for me, unless I have to do a bunch of reading tonight. I can do a bunch of reading tomorrow!

Count me in.

Done! The Headless Hollow game sheet should be all you need to read to fully understand the game, and you don’t need to read the Race and Special Power descriptions until they show up in the pool.


Waiting on just dfs, now.

I’m in.

Just what I need. ANOTHER time sink.

I don’t think this game will be a huge sink. You can’t make plans while others take their turns, really.

Great! We have our 5 players! Sorry, Nate and Funkula. I’ll leave you guys on the alternate list for the next game, or if someone else wants to MC Game 2.

Okay, so here’s how I’d state my turn:

Gather Troops

Spend 3 VP for the Hill Ratmen, 12 tokens in hand


42 with 3 tokens, 1 Lost Tribe to tray
33 with 2 tokens
32 with 3 tokens, 1 Lost Tribe to tray
31 with 2 tokens
39 with 2 tokens


3 tokens on 42 and 33
2 tokens on 32, 31, and 39

VP Scoring

5 (start) - 3 (Hill Ratmen) + 5 (regions) + 2 (Hill) = 9 VPs

(Feel free to add whatever flavor text or smack talk you’d like to your turn post! It’s encouraged!)

Note: While playing the board game, player VPs are hidden. Due to the nature of PBF games, though, player VPs are available for all to see.

So, let me know if you guys have any questions and when you’re ready to start!

Ready any time!

Dave, Matt, dfs, and Scribble:

Do you all have a BGG ( account? I ask, because the random generator codes we’ll need to use are specific to the BGG forum, and playing the game via their Small World PBF forum would be easier than via Qt3’s forum.