This show is finally back on track and moving. I really like everything they did tonight.

Me too. I really liked it.


-Fortress of Solitude, with crystals and stuff
-Phantom Zone
-“Disciples of Zod”

I’m sure Clark will get his powers back in an episode or two.

I’m a big Smallville fan but I couldn’t watch it last night. Nice to know it was solid stuff though.

Overall, very good episode.

Obligatory Internet whining:

[color=blue]Didn’t like the “Jor El took away my powers” thing. So Kryptonian powers are magical? Not that the “yellow sun” thing is exactly plausible, but it beats “disembodied AI replication of dad bestowing powers upon me (and my adoptive father) on a whim.”

The phantom zone square spinning off into the distance was amazingly cheesy.

Chloe’s outfit changed from red to brown when she entered the fortress. Thought maybe it was lighting, but nope, didn’t happen to Clark’s clothes.

The Zod-from-the-ooze thing felt like a re-used special effect from T2.[/color]

I shall, of course, forgive all of this if we get a “Kneel before Zod!” sometime in the next two episodes…

Perhaps Jor-El used red sun energy on him or something. Clark should naturally regain his powers back, unless he did something to his DNA or applied “something” to him that makes his yellow sun absorbtion stop.

I thought the phantom zone glass thing was a nice throwback to the first movies. :)

Oh, and that’s not liquid Zod. Think “other” Kryptonian Villain. Of the digital kind…

Oh, and that’s not liquid Zod. Think “other” Kryptonian Villain. Of the digital kind…

My superman mythology is very rusty. The Eradicator?

Braniac. Though, I’m not sure if they’re going current continuity with Branianc. I think they might be going a little retro with the character. More info here on the character in the show.

Brainiac was my other guess, but I thought back to how he looked and how he’s always been portrayed in the comics, and that guy just doesn’t look like what I would think Brainiac would.

I had thought Eradicator too.

The episode was basically “Smallville does Superman 2”:

  • Other Kryptonians? Check.
  • They’re ‘evil’ and follow Zod? Check.
  • Phantom Zone? Check.
  • Losing powers? Check.

Still, while I couldn’t stand Smallville early on, this was fun. He obviously gets his powers back (manual hike back to FoS and plead with Dad?) because there’s no show without it.

“That guy” = James Marsters = Spike from Buffy and Angel. Whether he’s Brainiac or the Eradicator doesn’t matter, really–though I’m voting Eradicator unless they’re using the Diniverse take on Brainiac. Marsters should make the character very worth watching.

Well Superman/Superman 2. Remember that Zod & cronies were sent to the Phantom Zone at the beginning of Superman (and in the Director’s Version originally tried to enlist Jor-El)… but yeah it really harkened back to the movies… the diamond Phantom Zone thingee, the twin circle effect, Zod’s cronies, etc.

— Alan

So, I guess the Clark Kent / Lex Luthor relationship is all downhill from here.

The look on his face when he saw Clark being burned on the lasers (and later drawing blood from the punch) was great. It’s like Lex’s brain bluescreened for a few seconds. This season is probably the last, so they need to kick evil-lex into overdrive. Good place to start though. They’ve been building up the relationship and the eventual fall very nicely.

Eh? Is the show getting cancelled or something? Where does this prediction come from?

If the way they handled Batman in the Justice League cartoons is any indication, they (and I’m not actually sure who I’m talking about when I say they, if it’s DC or some network or something) don’t like having potential conflicts with their IP. Since around the time Batman Begins was ramping up the hype, they told the JLU cartoon they could still use Batman but no one else from his supporting cast. No villians, no Alfred even. So I imagine with a Superman movie coming out next year, they’re not going to want people tuning into Smallville and saying “Huh? This isn’t like the movie I saw.”

Which is silly if you ask me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the reason. That, and I always thought Smallville was never meant to take us as far as Clark actually getting into costume as Superman. I haven’t seen much since middle of last season, but it sounds like we’re getting to the point where they’re not really going to be able to do much more with him in that time frame.

Eh? Is the show getting cancelled or something? Where does this prediction come from?[/quote]

Don’t think so. When Sky TV, I believe, recently promoted this season as the last the creators sent them a letter saying that it would not be the last season and they were probably looking at a total of seven seasons before they quit.

EDIT- It was Space and here is a copy of the letter the channel sent apologizing for their mistake:

So tonight’s episode features Aquaman, and the in-jokes abound.

At one point Aquaman says “Come on, superboy” (after the required “we’re heroes, but we don’t know the other’s motivation so we must fight!” scene).

In the last minute, as they’re saying goodbye, Clark says “we did make a pretty good team” (even though their entire “teamwork” happens offscreen), and Aquaman replied with “Yeah. We should start a Junior Lifeguard Association or something.” Clark says “I don’t think I’m ready for the JLA yet.” groan

Then, the previews for next week (the “Halloween” episdoe, featuring vampires) has Prof. Fine (Brainiac/James Marsters) reassuring Clark with “There’s no such thing as vampires.” and a guest character named (wait for it) Buffy Summers.


I’d say that “oy” is better applied to Lois Lane (Erican Durance)'s opening scene bikini-hotness.

My goodness.

And before I’m accused of being a neanderthal, they threw in MORE THAN PLENTY eye candy for the ladies in the form of AC. He spent a lot of time shirtless, or tight-shirted. Good thing I’m so comfortable with my sexuality, the Men’s Health gayness of it didn’t disturb me at all.

Just got around to watching this week’s episode. Very good show especially comming after the recent sluts and studs eps. I was certain that they would’ve pulled out the reset button but they stuck to their guns for a change.