Smart doorbell

If you want recorded history, a subscription is required. If you just want the live view and doorbell notification, it’s not. Not sure if the subscription is required for person or movement alerts when the doorbell is not pressed.

$50 / year for a five day recorded history was worth it for me, though I can understand the dislike for subscriptions.

I love my ringPro!!!

Despite all the bugs :)

I’ve been interested in a smart doorbell for a while now. Question to those who have one. How easy would it be for someone to yank this off of your wall? Considering the price, it’s something I think about.

It would be useless to them by itself and covered by homeowners insurance. I can’t recall any news reports of it happening. It’s a slick plastic but could be jimmied by a determined attacker, just like every other external feature

Also, I’d be more pussed someone swiping my Weber.

If someone did remove it, I would at least have them recorded stealing it.

Kind of difficult, you bolt the bracket onto the wall with pretty sturdy screws, and then you screw the doorbell to the bracket using a proprietary screw-head. It would take a lot of doing to rip one off the wall, and if they did, it would all be caught on camera.

A week is perfect, the Skybell sounds like a great choice. Just the new model being out of stock for so long has me worried. I would hate to end up with a set of dead cloud features because the startup went under.

My Ring Pro would probably be really easy to steal. it’s just two little screws into shitty wooden molding.

I haven’t done testing, but I am pretty sure I willing to bet I can run in and rip it off before it gets a chance to encode the video.

One interesting since I installed it last year is nobody ever rings the bell anymore - Only UPS, mail, and a couple of neighbors. I think the doorbell scares off scammers and Mormons.

They’ve almost never had the slim Skybell HD version in stock. I wouldn’t worry about it as a sign of corporate trouble.

The round HD is a bit big, but honestly, I never worried about it, and it fit just fine in place of my old analog bell. The super old wiring worked fine, and the quality has been great. I can’t fathom buying one of these alternatives w/ a sub fee since Skybell gives you a week of cloud storage, and vids are downloadable, unless it’s uncomfortable if your bell uses a separate app from your thermostat…

Arise thread!

I am thinking of getting a wired doorbell camera. Are you Nest owners still happy with it? Does anybody have a different brand? How is it?

Still have my Nest Hello doorbell and I love it. Haven’t had any problems. One thing to note, I have never switched over to a Google account with it, I’m still under the grandfathered Nest Account, which means my yearly subscription is cheaper for the 1 camera. If you are using multiple, the new google payment method is cheaper.

I don’t have any other Nest devices so a subscription just to have the doorbell is pretty steep. In Canada, it’s $80 CAD annually or $8 CAD monthly. In looking at wired doorbells that do well without a subscription, This one from Eufy seems good. Does anybody have any experience with it?

I have the wireless version, wired it into the old wiring so that it can run forever and trigger the old bell.

Notifications are a bit slow, and it doesn’t record continuously. Overall good, we got it to know when packages are delivered. Be aware the storage on the base unit is not expandable. 16gb hard-wired. You can download recordings as video files to keep permanently but I don’t think you can manually record.

I’ve been meaning to replace the doorbell for the last 5 years. This might be a good option.

Is your doorbell this model?

Yep, that’s the one. My old doorbell transformer had just barely enough voltage (I think it wants 8-24v) for me to be able to wire it in directly.

We also got one of the wireless cameras which connects to the same base station and pointed it at the carport. Nice way to know when people get home safely or when contractors arrive.

We have the Eufy, works well most of the time and we power it via the existing doorbell wires. The AI feature isn’t all that great and frequently pages out to us in the spring when the sun hits the eaves just right and makes it think it’s a face. Blocking out the area with the exclusion and inclusion drawing tools did absolutely nothing. So I just muted alerts for a couple of weeks every day from 3-6pm. Doorbell rings still came through.

Sometimes doesn’t catch deliveries if they stand behind a bush and hook throw it on the porch, but it did a couple of times so we know what they were doing. Assholes.

Happy with the purchase, quality is good and the lack of a monthly fee made it an easy decision.

We don’t get huge number of package deliveries so enabling slightly wonky AI detection for just when we are expecting stuff is okay for me.