Smiley (2012)

My nominee for the worst film of all time. Check out some damning excerpts from the film, here: [link removed due to copyright claim on youtube against someone else’s clips video]

A horror/thriller film (very) loosely based on Anonymous and wikileaks.

Trailer here: , and as of this writing the whole film is on youtube just by searching for Smiley (2012).

Highlights from the film:

A college party run by member’s of 4chan’s /b/ where one attendee is exiled by the group calling him “pedobear.”

Members of the group Anonymous gather in a dimly lit basement to plot the death of a college student, shouting “I did it for the lulz!” as a call to battle.

Keith David as a Doubting Tom police detective.

Well, every generation needs its Candy Man. Also, David Keith has to pay the bills.


Wait, Candyman is awesome! And I’ll thumb wrestle anyone who says otherwise.