Smilies or No Smilies?

Okay, we’ll just put this to a vote. Sometime around Wednesday, I’ll either switch the little buggers back on or leave them off.

EDIT: Note that this applies only to the graphical smilies, of course. You can still :) ;) :D and :0 to your heart’s content.

If you want an emoticon, do it the old fashoined way: :)

Smilies? I say no! Never! Negatory! Absolutely not!

Yet one more effort, Frenchmen, if you would be Republicans.

Yes please, maybe now I can finally do a list that goes up to 8) without it turning it into a bullshit smiley that I didn’t want.

People who hate smileys also hate fun and Nintendo!

What’s wrong with smilies? Don’t folks that don’t like them have the option to have them shown or not (is that part of the Show Images option?)? Seems to be better to have them on and let the individuals handle whether they want to see them or not.

Now, if they can’t be managed on their own like this, than that’s another matter. A forum without smilies is like…like…bad, man. Reaaaallly bad.

People aren’t advocating not having smilies at all. The non-graphical things do the job just as well (well, IMHO, better). :)

I’m personally fine with not having the graphical smilies. Even the old ones were passable at best and ugly at worst.

My participation on this forum hinges solely on the outcome of the smiles decision…

I dunno. How will people carry on the debate in P&R without a rolly-eye smiley?

Still, I vote for off.

On one hand I’d like to keep them, on the other hand Midnight Son might stop posting if he can’t finish every sentance with one of them. Tough call.

While many erudite and entertaining posters around here have used the occasional smiley, I’ve found that most of the smiley usage and LOL’ing tends to come from the… uh… sort of poster who feels the need to share their personal health status or uh… brag about podiums, etc.

I vote no.


I’d like to see them stay if for no ther reason than they are sometimes the only way to tell if someone is kidding or not. It can be tough to tell with just the written word. No voice inflection or facial expressions available.

I’d vote for smilies on, images off. But I don’t care too much either way.

I just checked the User Profile options, and though there are options to not see Avatars, Sigs, and IMG tags there is no option to block smilies.

So I voted NO to the graphical smilies. If the smilies here had been more visually appealing, I might have reconsidered, but they were ugly as hell (at least compared to the phBB ones) and I don’t really want to see the green laughing guy constantly. If I could have shut them off on my end, then my vote may have also gone the other way.

I’m a semi-frequent emoticon user, I do agree that they are helpful in expressing nuance that’s often missing from the written word, and I admit that I often sound far “colder” than I mean to come off when writing and use the emoticon to lighten things up. Perhaps that’s a flaw in my writing style and I use emoticons as a crutch, but in any case, a text based, non-graphical emoticon works just as well when I need to get a wink or a grin across. Or maybe I should just learn to write better?

Yeah, that’s it. Emoticons are a crutch. Take them away, Tom!

You may be able to stop imgs and smilies but you can’t stop the power of ASCII.

||                                  .::::.                        ||
||                                .::::::::.                      ||
||                                :::::::::::                     ||
||                                ':::::::::::..                  ||
||                                 :::::::::::::::'               ||
||                                  ':::::::::::.                 ||
||                                    .::::::::::::::'            ||
||                                  .:::::::::::...               ||
||                                 ::::::::::::::''               ||
||                     .:::.       '::::::::''::::                ||
||                   .::::::::.      ':::::'  '::::               ||
||                  .::::':::::::.    :::::    '::::.             ||
||                .:::::' ':::::::::. :::::      ':::.            ||
||              .:::::'     ':::::::::.:::::       '::.           ||
||            .::::''         '::::::::::::::       '::.          ||
||           .::''              '::::::::::::         :::...      ||
||        ..::::                  ':::::::::'        .:' ''''     ||
||     ..''''':'                    ':::::.'                      ||



I can’t decide whether I want smilies or not.

Not only do I vote Yes for smilies, I vote Yes to adding new smilie paks! (link forthcoming) :) ;) :O :D

Smiles everyone, Smiles

I vote smilies on!

I also vote shit, bonerz!