Snake Eyes (2021)

Opening weekend, no question. I loved the last to GI Joe movies, so bring it on.

If we’re not going to get Golding as Bond, this looks to be a pretty sweet consolation.

Andrew Koji, who stars in Warrior on HBO Max, is Storm Shadow.

Yeah, I was kinda hoping it was a remake of this one - loved it! These were the golden years of Mr Cage.

Nice work, guys. You tricked me into clicking on a GI Joe thread.


Anyone here think a G. I. Joe & Transformers Hasbro crossover is going to happen off of the Snake Eyes G. I. Joe Origins movie?

This movie was brilliant stupid fun. The plot was admittedly hilariously bad. But seeing as how I was literally the only person in my session I bet it hasn’t done well at the box office.

I’ve heard that the fights are all shaky cam and you can’t tell what the heck is going on. Not true?

It all seemed straight forward to me. It’s a silly comic book movie essentially dont expect Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon type action.

It’s not doing great. Box office cumulative totals are $26 million domestic and only $2.9 million international — which suggests maybe it’s not that widely released internationally? Budget was $88 million and it needs to earn 2-3x that much to make up marketing as well as production costs.

That’s too bad, since I like both Andrew Koji and Henry Golding. None of the big budget releases are doing very well particularly with Delta in the upswing. But I can’t imagine Snake Eyes’s performance is going to help their careers.

I love me some GIJoe, I have a nice action figure collection and have read all the old Marvel comics as well as quite a lot of the newer IDW stuff. Some of the tv episodes were truly inspired for their time. Haven’t seen this yet.

The past movies have been, in general, trying to hard to match the style of the day (robot suits? bleh), and ignore what made the kids series so much fun… a big team of oddballs and weirdos fighting off a badass stormtroopery techno-supernatural villain army.

They cannot stop churning out Snake eyes/StormShadow stuff, whether it be toys or movies or whatever, but I think they confuse him with a character than can hold your attention for too long. He doesn’t talk, he’s a good infiltrator / ninja, but in my mind he works best as a cutaway of badassery in bite size dallops. The less we see of him the better the mystery.

I don’t know what the answer is, a hokey throwback movie with the whole cast of hundreds, or a farcical Team-America thing that rides the line between comedy and plot (the ‘Community’ animated episode was the best Joe thing on tv recently), but I can’t help feeling trying to make GIJoe movies that live in the real world is a failing exercise. I mean, in the comics they’re having them crossover with Transformers (and it’s fun)… treat it as such.

Watched it last night. It is… adequate? The only mildly interesting character is Stormshadow. And… they recasted everybody since the last ones, which is kinda like the toys they are selling: anyone is disposable.

Pity they didn’t work a pork chop sandwiches meme into it.